Las Vegas Strip Map 2019

Starting on Mandalay Bay and moving up till the Stratosphere Tower Considered, explore unique and exuberant places on your way. Map of Las Vegas Strip introduces local entertainment that has gained global popularity. Sky-rocketing development of business hotels and casinos dates back to 1931. This desert metropolis built on gambling has drawn millions of visitors and trillions of dollars to southern Nevada. Las Vegas created its own recipe of success by making outstanding attractions. Las Vegas Strip Hotel Map Full of World Marvels

Its specialty is impeccable service. One can’t even imagine how many hours were dedicated to training personnel and how many strategies were developed to turn around the relationships with difficult customers. As a result, even those guests who are always unsatisfied with services complaining about bad staff or making impossible demands are moving out local hotels in a good mood.

Las Vegas Strip Hotels Map recreates famous metropolises:


  • Start your journey on the Strip with Luxor Hotel and Casino

Fascinating swimming pool area with water sprinkles from ancient pillars. Becoming an E-sports arena this one offers a high-end entertaining experience. Don’t miss its centerpiece — Egyptian style statue followed by the black pyramid of Giza. The best time for visiting starts when the illumination is tuned.


  • Have a pint on the Strip at New York Hotel and Casino

Have you ever been to Big Apple? Well, our next destination is a combination of exquisite NY style and British cuisine restaurants. Enjoy the Statue of Liberty and join a good old fashioned bar crawl with friends. Recreation of Irish and British pubs’ atmosphere accompanied by a refreshing pint. Coyote Ugly is waiting too.


  • Romantic Paris in Las Vegas Strip awaits you

Visitors consider Eiffel Tower on the map of Las Vegas Strip hotels is as good as original one in Paris. Huge air balloon marks the sparkling territory. Hotel’s specialty is Gordon Ramsey Steak. A lot of tourists come here just to go on a culinary journey. How can you miss it before heading towards numerous attractions?


  • Explore the world of fun on the Strip with Caesars

Among other shows, this destination on the Las Vegas Strip Maps has a real Colosseum of ancient Rome. Caesars Palace is one of the best entertainment providers. Some visitors even decide to have a wedding on the High Roller here just to experience a memorable ceremony. Move North after checking out panoramic view as there’s a place for romance.

  • Romantic Italy of the Venetian just on the Strip

Vacation on the Venice canals is a good idea, but what should one do when there’s no possibility of traveling so far? Venetian Resort is your best chance to enjoy Italian cuisine and sightseeing attractions without going to Italy. You are welcomed with 80 boutiques, luxurious casino, and a gorgeous spa. Everything is created just for guests to enjoy their holidays there. This hotel also gives them an opportunity to relax playing golf or go hopping on never-ending parties.

Concluding Thoughts

The estimated 42 million tourists are coming to this area every year. One weekend is hardly enough to visit a vast stretch of hot spots on the Las Vegas Strip Map. A single visit is hardly enough to attend the world-class shows, restaurants, and clubs.

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