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Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
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Crazy Girls Show Tickets Online

One of the longest-running topless shows in Vegas is the Crazy Girls show! It delivers seventy-five minutes of visual pleasure that can be enjoyed as with friends or solo, so with your significant other. Unlike the ordinary striptease performances at the local nightclubs of the Sin City, Crazy Girls is not only an erotic and sexy show but also a classic piece of entertainment delivered by a group of attractive and talented female dancers. Each gorgeous lady on the stage appears in sexy lingerie that makes the audience watch them spellbound.

The first Crazy Girls show was set in 1994 in Vegas. During the two decades, much has changed in the show, yet the overall sexual thrill and adrenaline remained. And even if the girls may change their outfits from pink silk to black leather, from blonde wigs to dark ones, the classic G-strings remain irreplaceable! Particularly this piece of clothing helps the girls perform their synchronized and seductive dances alluring everyone in the hall regardless of the age and gender.
The show is well organized and all the dancers appear on the stage in a certain order each with their unique performance:

  • Pretty blond Kate performs a sexy pole dance;
  • Pamela and Selena demonstrate the unmatched chemistry between them through acrobatic dances;
  • Karen dances on a zebra bench and in a huge champagne glass;
  • Audrey, Karen, and Maxi dance on the song “The heart wants what the heart wants” by Selena Gomez;
  • Nancy Ryan and James Bean bring a pause with their raunchy adult jokes.

These are the main performers of the Crazy Girls show with their major acts. Yet, they don’t end in that alone. During the show, girls call a random audience member onto the stage, sit him comfortably on a chair in front of the entire audience and start asking sexy funny questions while making seductive dance movements around him. What great fun it is to watch the man find answers in such an uncomfortable situation!
So, heading to Vegas for a bachelor party, Sin City Theater, Planet Hollywood is obviously the first destination you should get to. Only here you can enjoy the hottest adult show Crazy Girls Las Vegas has ever seen!

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