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    Las Vegas is a beautiful place that has a lot to offer for anyone. Here you can find all sorts of amusements starting from the major entertaining district, the Strip and up to Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon. There are many places to visit and to discover, such as Fremont Street, Art district, Hoover Dam, etc. that’s why it is beneficial to have a car to be more flexible in terms of transportation. Getting a rental car in Las Vegas is amazing if you want to see everything and be free at your movements around.
    Another benefit is that major hotels provide free parking. So it is cost-effective to ride on your own than to travel by taxi. If you are looking for rental car Las Vegas, there are a whole plethora of options you may find exciting. You can rent a car at the airport or from the office of a car rental services provider.
    There are several major reasons why it is advantageous to rent a car when traveling to Vegas:

    • It is economically efficient as the parking is free at the majority of hotels;
    • You will be free to go whenever you want at any time;
    • There is no need to worry about getting for a taxi and waiting for it to arrive;
    • You can see all the sightseeing places without any extra money spent on transportation.

    What do you need to know about renting a car beforehand? First of all, compare the prices, check out several providers, and don’t stop with just one of them. There are big, acclaimed companies operating in Las Vegas, such as Avis, Sixt or Hertz, you can choose one of them if you have already worked with them. For example, people who travel for business purposes prefer car dealers that they already know as it seems safer to them. However, there are also lots of local providers of great quality. Check out reviews to get the best Las Vegas rental car.

    It is also better to know beforehand what amount of fuel/mileage you’ll need. It is hard to predict precisely sometimes. But the more you know, the better deal you can get. Also, remember that most providers in Las Vegas follow the full-to-full fuel policy, so when you are returning the vehicle, don’t forget to fill up the tank.

    Car Rental Las Vegas Airport: Advantages and Opportunities

    You can rent a car as soon as you land in Vegas. It is great as airport pick-ups and drop-offs cost more than driving on your own. Even taking a taxi to your hotel is not cost-efficient.
    What are the necessary conditions for car rental in Las Vegas airport?

    • First of all, you need to be at least 21 years old. There is a chance to get a surcharge if you are less than 25 years old, so it is better to check beforehand. For example, Hertz provides Las Vegas international airport car rental for those who are less than 25 years old. This age restriction of car rental companies in Las Vegas airport has one major disadvantage: clients under 25 cannot usually rent a luxury car without a large deposit. However, finding a proper vehicle, it is not a problem.
    • One also has to have insurance. It would be amazing if your credit card could cover car rental expenses; if not, there is an elegant option you should consider. All citizens of the USA can get it online at or directly at the rental services provider when you are getting Las Vegas airport car rental.
    • Las Vegas McCarran airport car rental facility is located at 7135 Gilespie Street, which is 3 miles to the south from the airport. Don’t worry about having to walk there; there is a regular shuttle bus from and to terminals, so it is comfortable to get there. There are also shuttle buses for clients with disabilities to comfortably get there. Each terminal has a specific stop where you can get a transportation vehicle to this center. However, be sure that you have some spare time, as you cannot be completely sure of the time it takes to get the bus and rent a car.
    • It is open 24/7 and has 11 companies where you can get a suitable vehicle. Las Vegas McCarran car rental service also ensures short-time parking for a reasonable price. It lasts from 1 to 3 hours and costs $2 per hour.

    Las Vegas airport car rental center has 11 companies presented:

    This is a great advantage, as clients have the proper choice of provider they are interested in. It is always better to book a vehicle beforehand, not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of money. Vehicles booked in advance cost less, and they will be available for sure when you appear at providers office, not always the vehicle you want is available. So if you already know the days of your stay, it is better to research the prices and book a vehicle at the best car rental Las Vegas airport company.

    Rental car companies at Las Vegas airport have been working there since 2007, and all of them provide quite remarkable services. Check their websites and read about terms and conditions to choose the one that is suitable for you. Whether you need a luxury car or a vehicle that can take long-time driving, there are lots of options. Car rental at Las Vegas airport is easy and pretty fast as you can get it right away without any additional efforts.

    Even if you have no preferences and have a late call, there is always a chance of getting a great vehicle there as there are 11 companies, all in one place. Las Vegas car rental airport service is also beneficial in terms of safety as all the providers are verified and trustworthy. 

 What about car rental return Las Vegas airport? It is also very easy. You need to get back to the center where you’ve got the vehicle and follow the sign that leads to Car Return GARAGE at Gilespie Street. There are designated areas for each company, so it is convenient to return a vehicle. After doing so, clients can simply go through the lobby and get a shuttle bus to a terminal they need to get to. The trip to the terminal takes about 7 minutes, and buses come every 5 minutes. However, it is better to have some time in advance just for additional confidence.

    If you’ve booked cheap car rental Las Vegas airport from a company that is not presented in a list above, you need to clarify where you can get a vehicle. There are several agencies located off-site, so you would probably need to go there to pick your car.

    Getting Amazing Las Vegas Car Rental Deals

    We’ve already mentioned car rental in Las Vegas airport deals, among presented companies you can choose the most suitable. However, it is not the only option; you can as well rent a vehicle in the city itself or even on highways – it all depends on what is comfortable for you. When choosing a place for rental pay attention to the fact where you are going to return a vehicle. Maybe it is more convenient to do it via the airport as a return process is simple and quick. If you are renting a car in the city, you will have to return it to a company’s office, and then you need to think about how you will get to the airport.

    You should also know what car rental deals Las Vegas exactly are. The average price per day is about $49, but it is possible to find less costly options. According to the prices given at the websites of providers, the most economically-beneficial providers are Budget, Dollar, and Enterprise. There one can find a suitable vehicle for $21-30 per day, which is an amazing offer. And these companies are to find in the airport that is also convenient. Cheap rental car Las Vegas is considered from $35 per day, according to the average price.

    On this website, you can find some truly fascinating rental car deals Las Vegas. The great thing about it is that you can choose the area where you need to get a car. It can be an airport, city center, boulder highway or Caesars Palace. It is a perfect opportunity to choose a spot that is convenient and suitable for one’s needs. And the deals presented there are quite affordable.
    For those who are interested in discount car rental in Las Vegas, there are interesting options. One of them is a well-known site among those, who value money, Groupon. There are some pretty amazing deals that are worth checking out. They include some acclaimed and trusted providers as well, so it is better to research cheap car rental Las Vegas options there. 

This resource is also beneficial if you want to search for several providers at a time. There are all the necessary options there to find the cheapest car rental Las Vegas opportunity. You can view the dates that are comfortable for a trip, and there is also a free cancelation option to the majority of deals.

    What else should one know before getting 24-hour car rental Las Vegas service? There are several things to consider.

    • Gas prices. It is better to know what amount of money you are going to spend approximately in regard to your travel. The average price for gas in Las Vegas is about $2.75 per gallon. It is not the cheapest one; however, it can be called affordable in comparison to some other States. Be sure that you’ve considered all planned trips before saving money for gas.
    • Traffic. It is not only a vacation destination but also a quite busy working city. That’s why there are issues with traffic during the rush hours, which is also worth considering when planning a vacation or business trip. The main streets are quite clogged during the rush hours, which are 7 am – 9 am in the morning of a weekday and 4 pm – 7 pm in the evening. On weekends there is also a common rush around 4 pm because it is the time when tourists travel around the places to see.
    • Cheap car rental in Las Vegas can be found in almost any type of vehicle. Thanks’ to modern architecture one doesn’t have to worry about the size of the vehicle; they are all pretty much welcomed. There are lots of limos driving around the Strip without any efforts. However, the most popular options are compact as they are cost and gas efficient and easy to manipulate. The choice of vehicle’s size is completely up to you; however, there is no need to rent a luxury car to visit Grand Canyon.
    • Speed limits. However, the rules are quite similar all over the States’, it is worth to refresh them. Generally, the speed limits in the city are 20-30 mph, with limitations to 15-25 mph in school zones. Business and residential areas are about 25 mph when you are entering town from a higher speed zone the limit is 45 mph. What about rural roads? A speed limit of an undivided one is 55-75 mph, and for the divided one it is 65-75 mph. On a freeway outside the city, you can drive up to 70-80 mph and on a freeway within city limits up to 55-65 mph.
    • General safety regulations are also should be considered. For example, the use of a smartphone or the Internet is illegal unless you are using a hands-free headset. However, the studies show that even headset can lead to unfocused attention on the road, so it is better to drive safely. Another important fact to know is that legal restriction regarding alcohol use in Nevada is .08% blood alcohol level. So be sure not to get behind the wheel if you are drinking alcoholic beverages.

    So what to know before renting a vehicle in Vegas? Start with the dates you are going to visit and what kinds of attractions you are going to see. Make a draft plan of driving and decide what mileage you are interested in as it influences the price of a rental.
    Be sure that you have all required documents and insurance to cover rental. Do research on the companies you’d like to work with to be aware of prices, terms, and conditions. If you are less than 25 years old be ready that there might be an added fee to the overall price and it will be harder to get a luxury vehicle.
    If there are several drivers, all of them should appear at the rental company office and have the required documents. When choosing a vehicle, consider the kinds of trips you are planning and the size you are interested in. Add the gas cost to the price you are willing to pay and check out discount options. It is always better to save up for more entertainment.

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