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Things to do in Las Vegas with Family

When checking out the multitude of entertainment options in the city of Las Vegas, it’s easy to spot the fact that the majority of the occurrences only happen with the adult audience intended in mind. But what if you need to check something right for the family visitation? Truly, the following guide was composed after taking a careful consideration of the city’s most prominent shows, events, concerts, and theatrical productions that are family-friendly and are of the exceptional quality. Only if being strict is it possible to secure a great vacation for your family, while simultaneously seeing all family-friendly things to do in Las Vegas.

“O”, the Cirque Du Soleil Show

The name of the show is primarily related to the water, as explained in the French dictionary. Truly, such an ideology also defines the nurture of performance itself as the artists and acrobats regularly interact with the water-related stunts, including the extreme swimming and diving as well as performing on a stage that contains a million and a half gallons of water. What’s worth noting, though, is that even though the show is over the top, it still is family friendly and carries some good messages to tell. Featuring the high-quality theatrical performance, full of dancing and singing, O regularly tries to connect all the families that want to undergo such a dramatic experience. Without doubts, among all the fun things to do with the family in LasVegas, visiting O is the best option if being a fan of the circus.

The Lion King

There is probably no need to explain the plot of the show of the focus as everyone supposedly knows it already, especially the younger audience. Indeed, by picking the famous storyline of Simba in the setting of African Savannah, the creators ensured the admiration of the Disney’s cartoon fans as well as the visitors, unfamiliar with the original plot.  What’s worthwhile realizing, though, is that the show is among the best family-friendly Broadway performances in the entire city of Las Vegas because of the authenticity and lack of harm in the story. It simply is an exclusive entertainment option that would be of fun to anyone visiting it, regardless of age and interests, which is why the Lion King is so popular. Although, it’s vital to reserve all of the tickets beforehand to avoid any inconveniences and book oneself a better spot closer to the stage! Among all the fun family things to do in Las Vegas, The Lion King can’t be missed for sure!


Without the slightest hesitation, the story of Cinderella is timeless, particularly for the younger folks, and can be interpreted in any possible way. This, in turn, seems to define the nurture of the performance of the focus as the creators has done a great job in shaping the story towards the nowadays realities: now featuring the new sub-plot, a change in the costumes, and the main heroes using electronics, Cinderella will surely surprise all the fans of the innovative theatrical productions. When visiting the show with the family, one can be sure that the sensitive and offensive content isn‘t going to be there. Cinderella will simply teach yet the same lessons but rather in a different format, more appealing to the younger audience. This is, therefore, the exact reason why performance is regarded among the best things to do in Las Vegas if traveling with the family.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s apparent that the city of Las Vegas is sometimes unfriendly towards the family type of vacation. Although, it doesn‘t mean that there aren‘t any great options available for the visitation. As can be seen, by the listing above, there are marvelous fun things to do with the family while visiting the city of Las Vegas at any time of the year. This fact surely dismissed the notion of lack of family-friendly things to do, that can be sometimes heard from every single corner of the internet. Enjoy your vacation with the family and don’t forget about the nice things to do!