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Las Vegas Concerts

It’s believed that finding an outstanding concert in Las Vegas can be a hard thing to do, especially considering the abundance of artists regularly coming to the city. Everyone supposedly knows that the tickets may become truly expensive a couple of days before the concert itself, which is why it is almost crucial to order them beforehand. Likewise, among concerts in Las Vegas 2018, there are those that are not even worth a person’s attention as they are low-quality ones that wouldn‘t even surprise a child. Although, it’s clear that there are ways of sorting through the Las Vegas concerts 2018 and finding the one that will ultimately blow your mind. To this end, here is a listing of the shows that the editors themselves would surely visit as they find them to be top-notch ones.

Elton John

Featuring a piano-led event from Sir Elton John himself, one can surely listen to the worldwide hits that continue to impress the audience since the very first day they came out live. The variety of the colorful costumes and the powerful message that each song carries contributes to the fact that Elton keeps his music in trend, even though he is 70 years old. Besides, the concert itself is somewhat unique as Sir Elton planes to retire after finishing his three-year tour all across the globe. One can’t miss a chance to hear a fantastic performance of such a level, especially in Las Vegas!

Jennifer Lopez

Being one of the most famous American singers and dancers, Jennifer is one of the leads in the worldwide hip hop music. Featuring a non-stop performance with a variety of songs, Jennifer evidently plans to make the whole Las Vegas dancing while listening to her music. Besides, the simple fact that Jennifer advanced so far as the aspiring Latino woman and continued to bring on the essential social issues to public deserves the highest admiration. Currently, Lopez actively supports the movement against sexual harassment, called MeToo, which is one of the things she plans to address during concert Las Vegas.

Justin Timberlake

It’s fair to claim that Justin Timberlake has distinguished himself with the Super Bowl performance not so far ago, and continues to deliver the high-quality show to the audience. Full of energy and sexiness, Justin would perform some of the public’s favorite old songs, as well as the new ones he released in 2017. Not to forget to mention the rumor that Timberlake plans to announce his new album precisely during the concert in Las Vegas! What an incredible opportunity for all of Justin’s fans! The show would surely outstand itself if the rumor happened to be true.

Ricky Martin

Among all the concerts in Las Vegas, this one would gain popularity among the people who identify themselves as part of the LGBTQ group. Considering all Martin’s aggressive dancing moves, as well as his unique queen-like style, no one would ever have a single thought of comparing him to someone else in the music industry. Besides, the music that he produces is slightly innovative in the pop genre, which is not something you may find among concerts Las Vegas 2018. The concert should be pretty peaceful, so there is a possibility of going there as the primary family entertainment event. Don’t forget to dance the whole night!

Post Malone and 21 Savage

No fan of rap music can miss an opportunity to hear aspiring new-school artists live as they potentially present their unreleased tracks. Post Malone, the author of the hit “Rockstar,” as well as 21 Savage would make the public shaking their hands as they listen to such high-quality rap music that can’t be found anywhere else. Not to forget to mention the fact that a part of the show would include a tribute to Lil Peep, an artist who was a friend of these two and suddenly died because of the drug overdose. Honestly, among Las Vegas concerts 2018, this one is going to gather the most prominent attention from both the media and fans from all over the globe. As for the tickets, one can expect the price to be high, although it’s worth it for sure!


It’s time to hear some of the rock music and teach those pussies a lesson, right? All those criticizing the abundance of pop music concerts in Las Vegas 2018 should know that there is an unparalleled opportunity to hear one of the world’s most recognized rock band live while in Vegas! One could surely expect to see a lot of the drunk leather-jacketed bikers to stick around, as well as the craziness coming from the audience. It’s recommended not to go to such concert with the children as it can be a bit inappropriate and offensive at times. After all, it’s a rock music concert, not some sort of dull country shows that people tend to listen everywhere else!

Backstreet Boys

Being an American vocal group that gained its popularity in 1990’s, the Backstreet Boys continue to perform live for the sake of impressing their audience with the somewhat changed style and create nostalgia with their old worldwide known songs. Not even a multitude of Vegasegas concerts 2018 could replace the feeling of comfort that people get while listening to this band. The show is genuinely family-friendly and gathers people from all age groups and audiences. Not to forget to mention that it’s possible the last tour of Backstreet Boys as there are rumors that some of the members plan to separate and start a single career. Thus, it makes a perfect sense to prioritize this show over the rest you can find while in Las Vegas.

Wayne Newton

One of the most legendary entertainers of the media, Wayne Newton, is coming to Las Vegas to give a performance that would surely leave everyone laughing. Featuring some wittily-written jokes, as well as the personal anecdotes, Wayne plans to own the city of “sins” as he performs in Vegas on the few dates of the year. Besides, Wayne’s widespread popularity in Vegas could be contributed to his infamous reaction to the massacre that unfortunately happened in the city. One should think about visiting Newton’s show for all the right memories that it can accompany. After all, the show is also family-friendly, which means you should not be afraid to bring your children there.

Whatever concert or concerts Las Vegas has prepared for you, one should remember that nothing can replace the artists that are listed above. Their good reputation, as well as the incredible performances, have outstood them among all of their peers in the industry. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to have a clear goal in mind before choosing the concert that would fit you best. It’s very different to listen to Justin Timberlake than it is to go for the crazy Metallica performance. One should also remember to be cautious with buying the tickets as they could get costly a couple of days before the concert. To this end, it makes a perfect sense to reserve cheap concert tickets Las Vegas wouldn‘t offer to you at the table. After all, you don’t want to end up returning from the city of “sins” without a single dollar in the pocket! Enjoy your staying and have fun at the concerts!