Las Vegas Event Calendar

The year is going to be lit! While in Las Vegas, you should be ready to act instantly and choose your program at long before you arrive. The city is about to host tons of shows and other events that are to be discussed in this overview. Las Vegas events calendar would be a perfect addition and a tool for everyone who has already planned or is currently planning his/her trip to Las Vegas. The Vegas event calendar is something that would describe any upcoming activity and provide useful tips and advice that one would need to know before attending the show, concert, or game. The calendar is mostly oriented on those people who are not currently into events that are hosted in Las Vegas and are supposed to be tourists from the other cities or countries. The city is full of truly amazing facilities that take place every day.

The important thing is to divide your attention and resources and visit all the needed places and events wisely. Another important issue is to book tickets on the shows and concerts that you plan to visit while in Las Vegas accordingly to event calendar Las Vegas. While some of the shows are not really popular so that the clients’ load is quite manageable, some others do have long lines of people that are willing to purchase tickets in advance. In order to deal with this issue, a potential customer should firstly overview all the places and events that are considered for visiting and then make a short plan for what to do in the city. After this stage, the customer should book needed tickets and tables in the hotels, casinos, or spas. In order to provide the reader with the best-detailed information about the events that would be hosted in Las Vegas, this review includes a Las Vegas calendar of events for the whole year.

Las Vegas calendar September 2018

The year always starts with a resting season. This fall in Vegas promises to meet any tastes and preferences in entertainment and be a remarkable one! Show calendar for September 2018 would include the most expected concerts and workshops, talent shows and magic shows that are going to be held. In this part of the review, we have listed and discussed some top-rated and most expected shows that are going to take part in September 2018, as well as the best September events.

Jennifer Lopez concert. Yes, you have heard that correctly, the world’s top music star Jennifer Lopez is going to give her solo concert in Las Vegas. This is considered a major event of the whole year. The activity is going to happen on September, 29th, at Planet Hollywood. Don’t miss such an opportunity!
Shakira. The widely recognized star of pop music is going to be a truly great start of September. On the 1st of September, Shakira would rock the MGM Grand and impress millions of her fans. The so beloved star is about to make one of the most promising and haunted events ever in the city.

Queen & Adam Lambert. Any rock lovers in here? For those ones interested in rock and loving the Queen band, there’s a perfect match. This performance is a unique asset for any hosting facility. Las Vegas is proud to be the city where such top and famous bands as Queen decide to make their concerts.

Harvest Festival. One of the world’s most known music festivals that are held annually in Las Vegas is a perfect choice for a family trip. A person that decides to go to the festival is up to choose to live at a campsite in a personally owned or rented tent. This option is truly a perfect choice for everyone interested in music and camping.

Las Vegas September calendar should introduce a reader to the amazing world of entertainment that is provided in the City of Stars. Don’t miss the chance to attend most of the shows.

Las Vegas calendar October 2018

October in Las Vegas is a perfect time for a family visit. While some thematic shows and concerts are mostly going to take place in other months, some family-oriented shows, concerts, and other events would be held in October. If you want to combine perfect relaxation and family-style vacation, you are definitely in a need to plan your trip to Las Vegas in October 2018. Having analyzed the Las Vegas October events 2018, we can easily certify that. With no doubt, you should take your family to the city and enjoy it together. Some of the best October shows are listed below.

David Copperfield. During the whole month, any visitor of the MGM Grand would be able to watch wast best magic show with David Copperfield. This event is considered to be a unique performance and it is definitely a rare chance of attending it. While in Las Vegas with family, you shouldn’t miss such a great performance and should explore the real magic that would be presented during the event.

Ka By Cirque Du Soleil. Also available throughout the whole months, the Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka is a major event in Las Vegas. As it is widely believed, those tricks that are performed by Cirque Du Soleil are the hardest to complete if compared to those ones performed in other circuses. A perfect match for a family that wants to entertain themselves and to obtain memorable emotions, Ka awaits for you.

Sting & Shaggy. On the 13th of October, 2018, Sting would come to Vegas. A world-known singer and a star of his and present times, Sting continues to maintain popular even these days. Given such a rare ability to enter the singer’s concert and listen to his songs in person, any visitor or a group of family visitors of Las Vegas should not miss such a brilliant opportunity to gain experience and memories.

Las Vegas event calendar October 2018 is a good tip for those planning their trip in the months. Lots of family-oriented performances await for visitors to rock the city and make those weekends lit.

Vegas calendar November 2018

November is a month of legendary music. Some amazing artists are going to come to the city of Las Vegas in November and probably are willing to make amazing performances there. The potential audience is already looking for the tickets so hurry up and keep in touch while November approaches. The month is a bright chance to visit November concerts similar to those performed dozens of years ago and dive into the atmosphere of rock and vintage. Some of the shows that will take place in the show calendar for November 2018 are listed below:

Metallica. The legendary band would rock the T-Mobile Arena on November, 26th. The band nowadays is rather a rare guest of music festivals and concerts so that people often have to wait for several months before a new concert is announced. The group’s fame that was gained through years of playing good music is still relevant nowadays and helps to distinguish this performance among others.

Blink 182. The amazing pop-punk and alternative rock band would play its concerts on 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th of November, 2018, at the Palms. The Palms itself is a major hotel complex in Las Vegas so that the amazing hosting facility is expected to improve the overall impression that the concert is going to pose on its visitors. This is live fame that is available for you to watch live.

Diana Ross. The pop star of the ‘90s, Diana Ross provides a series of concerts lasting from November. 2nd to November, 17th at the Wynn. The true celebrity would come to this amazing city and simply rock the stage. The concerts of Diana Ross are a good choice both for those individuals that went to Vegas on their own and for those family travelers that entered Las Vegas with their families.

Las Vegas event calendar December 2018

The Christmas time means lots of fun and pleasure! Be ready to constantly stay in a hurry if you decided to visit Las Vegas on X-Mas. On the other side of this fact, this time is literally filled with December events and activities, both for single and group travelers. Las Vegas December calendar is a must read a thing that should be at least viewed by every single person that is willing experience Las Vegas on Christmas. Some of the top-rated shows that would occur in December are discussed below.

Nevada Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker. For those customers that appreciate high art and culture, Nevada Ballet Theatre has made a perfect Christmas gift. The Nutcracker is going to be performed throughout the whole months at The Smith Center. Although it is not as advertised as those popular shows, it is very popular amongst other theater shows in Vegas and is a perfect choice for anyone.

Justin Timberlake. The pop star of nowadays period, Timberlake is a really famous person. His solo concert is going to happen on the 1st of December at the T-Mobile Arena. As it is supposed to be, Justin Timberlake’s solo concert is a good choice the category of people that love light rock and light music in common. The performance is going to be extremely popular so that make sure you’ve booked the tickets.

Gwen Stefani. The amazing performance by a top artist. Here’s a chance to get a mixture of a true sense of art and a presence of nowadays music variations. The concert has no age limitations and would be hosted at Planet Hollywood on December, 27th – 31st. This event should be considered a good option for everyone and would definitely give lots of emotion and impression.

December concerts in Vegas is something very special and undoubtedly unique. Don’t miss a chance to experience it!

Las Vegas event calendar January 2019

January is considered a month of relaxing. During a January visit, a Las Vegas tourist would have to deal with long lines that are present at every event because the city becomes simply overpopulated. Once the client does not want to find a solution on his/her own, he/she should search for a planning facility. By scheduling the January events that you plan to attend, you can easily increase the efficiency of your trip and its pleasure ability as a consequence. Some of January’s best shows and other events are described here.

Jabbawockeez. This is a magical style performance of people dressed in masks. They perform the artistic dances and comic stories as well as tragedies and dramas. The main special characteristic of the shoe is that all the emotional expression is done while the totally white mask is on the face of a performer. This is a perfect event that would impress you with the high complexity of the performance and bring positive emotions to you and your family.

Beatleshow Orchestra. During the whole months, one of the best ensembles in the world that features singing pop songs as well as rock legends of the past, the Beatleshow Orchestra, would give a number of performances in Las Vegas. These performances would vary in topics and costs so that before deciding on what to visit you should probably review all the information available on the internet.

Human nature. The top and well-recognized band consisting of boys only are about to rock Las Vegas. On the Vegas calendar of events, it is truly a remarkable performance that is awaited by thousands of people. What is important, the group claimed that they are potentially going to make several concerts during the time when they would be in the city. There’s also a portion of the information that comes from an unreliable source but tells about the possible free concerts of Human Nature in LV.

Calendar for February 2019

In 2019, only a couple of months would be full of something that you may even not expect to see in LasVegas. February is definitely one of those. In order to meet a growing demand for free February events 2019 calendar, we are going to post the information about the major events that are going to happen in the months right here. Such amazing performances and memorable February concerts – you should certainly plan your trip to Vegas during this fabulous month. Some of those visiting cards of the February city are described below.

World Massage Festival. This may be really crazy to hear but February in Las Vegas is considered to be a month of massages. That being said, every hotel and spa offers substantial discounts for the services and lots of special theme-oriented programs would be available during the months. Accordingly, this would be a perfect choice for both single travelers and family style travelers that travel in a group of people.

Van Morrison. The British pop singer that is still popular today both in the USA and in the world would give an amazing performance in the city of Las Vegas. Van Morrison is going to sing the best of his songs while actually covering the other legendary songs initially performed by great British and American artists. Van Morrison received Grammy Awards and has its own place in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. And now he is on the list of those performing in the city so that you could easily find that in show February calendar for the 2019 year.

Blue Man Group. On 2019 February calendar, this performance is the best dance event and is for those looking for visual wonders to see. The group’s performances are all held in a blue light so that the origin of their name is easy to be explained. The Blue Man Group perform harsh acrobatics tricks as well as classical and modern dances so that they would probably be liked by anyone. The number of their plays is also a good point to add.

Las Vegas event calendar March 2019

With the undeniable coming of spring, new shows and performances are also coming to the city of Las Vegas. March is going to embody the joy and pleasure and provide lots of comic and magic shows for its customers as well as other concerts and NBA games and theatre performances. A person that is doubting about whether to go to Las Vegas shows in March or not should open the March calendar of events and instantly pick up the best option for him/her. Some of the most expected shows are to be found below.<.p>

Nine Fine Irishmen. During March, there is a major event that may take a single page on our website to be reviewed – the St. Patrick’s Day. During the day, the city becomes filled with Irish style performances and music, Irish whiskey and drinks, and lots of a celebration and national traditions. The holiday of green is going to rock top stages in Las Vegas as well as bringing joy to every bar and restaurant in the city.

Time for Three. This is going to be the best family event of the year. Reviewing the show march calendar, a one should miss this and should probably seek more information. The Time for Three is an instrumental trio that is known all around the world. On March, 2nd, the trio is going to give a high-quality performance in Reynolds Hall at Smith Center. The show is going to be a brilliant event in March in Las Vegas.

The March Madness. This is the festival that honestly covers the most of the Las Vegas calendar March 2018 and 2019. The madness is a music festival that is held all over the city and Nevada state. If you have decided to go to the festival or are willing to visit Las Vegas during the time the festival would be held, you should take a photo camera with you since the mass of live performances would deeply impress you. The March Madness is a perfect choice for any customer.

Las Vegas calendar April 2019

With the greatest pleasure, we announce the April 2019 is going to be a great month. It is going to feature high-level performances as well as tons of free April shows and concerts. Since the summer is getting more close, lots of performances are held outdoors and usually those performances gaining quite big auditories of listeners. Free April calendar 2018 is a good tool for every person that is about to visit the City for the first or second time in his/her life. The best performances that are going to sound live are discussed below.

Pink. The world’s best pop star – Pink – is giving her solo April concert in Vegas this year. The event is going to be hosted at T-Mobile Arena on April, 12th and is definitely going to rock the city of stars as well as to make a meaningful difference to the show April calendar. Pink is going to perform the greatest melodies of the time that are now sounding on radios and TVs and all around the internet so hurry up to see it!

Las Vegas Philharmonic. The main philharmonic orchestra of the city is about to make a great performance that would take place in April. According to the ensemble’s brochure, the main bottom line that would be done all through the concert would be Milan Dovark’s Jazz songs. Imagine yourself sitting in one of the worlds best bars or restaurants and listening to the world’s best players at the same time!

strong>Las Vegas beer festival. The city is going to host a major event of all times – the beer festival. It is a crucial event on the Las Vegas calendar events April 2019 for all the residents of nearby states as well as for those ones coming from another country. Quite different to those ones held in Europe, Las Vegas beer festival is something unique and special that is always surrounded by live performances, journalists and beer, beer, and beer for all the time.

Las Vegas calendar May 2019

May in the next year is going to be hot. Although the intense solar heat and overall high temperature are the always present guests at Las Vegas, the May 2019 is going to be just enormously hot due to all those events that would be hosted during that time. This month is a perfect choice for single travelers that don’t have lots of plans and would be willing to improvise and think quickly on their feet. May is about to be one of the best times to visit the city and would definitely be worth trying. Some of the major May shows are listed below.

Electric Daisy Carnival. The EDC is considered to be the main light event in May of the whole year. Lots of people see it as a festival and are happy to try it while in the city. The event is going to last for 3 days from May, 18th to May, 20th. The city of Las Vegas would be literally full of neon lights and fireworks even more than it is usually filled with those. This is just something anyone would enjoy and like of Las Vegas May calendar for the upcoming year.

Memorial Day Weekend. On May, 25th-28th the Memorial day takes place. In order to support the best of the traditions that are performed on the day, lots of Las Vegas bars and restaurant offer unique facilities that would not be faced during any other period of the year. The main feature of the Memorial Day Weekend is free partied in pools and restaurants that do not require you a pass to enter.

Circo Massimo. A famous Mexican band that has lots of opportunities to perform all around the world chose Las Vegas as a hosting place for their concert in May 2019. The band performs top pop songs as well as their own hits so that it would be a great chance to enjoy the party for both those client acquainted with Circo Massimo and those ones who are not. The performance is one of the most expected in Vegas and one of the top listed on vegas calendar may 2019.

Las Vegas event calendar June 2019

June is the first of the summer months and definitely has something special to offer its visitors. While in the city of Las Vegas, a potential client should not miss an opportunity to go to pool parties, to the events hosted on the roofs of top hotels and spas, to the major festivals, concerts, and events that would happen in June. The month promises to be an amazing opportunity for everyone and something very special in advance so that they are listed here in free shows June 2019 calendar.

Las Vegas Market Summer. Starting in the late June, market summer is a perfect opportunity on the Vegas calendar June 2019 for those ones who not only want to experience entertainment in Las Vegas but also to do something that might be useful in the future – for example, go shopping. As it is widely believed, shopping in Las Vegas is highly efficient, especially when tons of discounts are available during the Market Summer in Vegas.

Cirque Du Soleil. The amazing facility that was discussed earlier with a note about the special performance “Ka” is also offering its product in June. While the summer goes, lots of more interesting tricks and exercises are performed by solo and group dancers so that the public that would attend the event would be deeply impressed and highly satisfied with the outcome of a chosen event for going to.

Las Vegas July calendar

Although it is not much information available about the performances that would be held in July 2019, we have made a brief review of those ones that are most likely to happen in our free July 2019 event calendar. The month is going to be full of typical summer activities like pool parties and outdoor concerts so that it is a perfect time to come to the city with your family. Lots of theme parks would also work on making this period of time truly a remarkable one. Some of the events that are going to be held:

The Independence Day holiday. All across the United States, people celebrate this day with just tons of celebration, with myriads of fireworks, and with numerous activities. The same level celebration occurs in Las Vegas, except it is going to be much better than in the other US cities because of unique spirit and facilities.

Las Vegas August calendar

Las Vegas calendar August 2019 events is not yet published so that it is very hard to suggest what would be the main activities in the month. According to the overall trends, the main activities in summer in Las Vegas are pool parties and outdoor activities. On the other hand, the weather usually gets abnormally hot during this period of time so that we recommend everyone to stay at their hotels and spas during the hot part of the day and come out lately. This would result in the better overall safety of a customer and should make his/her weekend more likely to be done well. Next year in Las Vegas is going to have a variety of facilities available for attending, and so does August. The month would not only satisfy the desire of getting into pool parties and chilling out with friends but also it is going to be tailored for those people’s tastes who are more interested in visiting the main art or tech events or in going sightseeing rather than sitting in the bar. Additionally, the online gambling services that would be finally established by that time would allow the dedicated gambler to play regardless of weather and money by accessing all the playing facilities online. These new functions promise to make your weekend with Las Vegas shows in August something truly special and exciting.

Every month is a perfect chance

Las Vegas activities calendar is an extremely useful tool. While planning your trip and thinking about all the details that should be thoroughly researched, a customer should also think about the main facilities that would be needed when looking for a place to stay and live. Additionally, a person should research the transport topic. Although the infrastructure in Las Vegas is developed accordingly to the latest technology standards, it is important to learn about the city’s traffic and travel costs so that no unforeseen spends would occur. All the necessary information might be accessed through the websites and social media pages. On top of that, the Las Vegas city council provides the city visitors with a possibility to check the transport requirements and fees online by entering the council’s website. There is no wonder the city is so haunted considering a large number of its facilities.

Another important topic that should be discussed in the conclusion is the diversity of the Vegas shows. Calendar of events Las Vegas includes various activities that seemingly are affordable for a broad audience and are not personally tailored. The held events are one of those that usually is a good choice for both single and group attendance. Vegas calendar of events features top performances that are going to happen in the city in the upcoming months. A person or a group of people that wants to make a perfect schedule for the weekend or a holiday in the city of stars should consider Las Vegas calendar of events 2018 a major guiding tool that would be used during the period of time while in Vegas. The calendar is supposed to give a brief description of the upcoming events as well as convey the overall broad sense of Las Vegas spirit and highly specialized details about the particular events in Vegas.