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Best Shows in Las Vegas

Oh, Vegas, the city of sins, girls, and fun. Anyone going to Las Vegas could surely find out a variety of things to do at the free time, especially considering the abundance of opportunities existing in the city. However, as the old proverb tells, with every good thing, there comes a bad one. One can inevitably get lost in all the things possible to do in Vegas and miss a chance to experience something truly outstanding, including the shows that are both recognized on the city, nation, and the global level. For this reason, and for much more to come, it’s imperative to have a glimpse into the listing of best shows to see in Las Vegas at  What are the best shows in Las Vegas?


The first show that comes to mind when talking about being entertained in Las Vegas is, without the slightest doubts, Absinthe. In its entity, the show is something similar to the vaudeville (circus shows) that were incredibly popular in the past. Featuring non-sensitive performances intended for the audience that doesn’t get offended quickly, it offers the slideshow and burlesque artists, as well as attempts to mock the widespread idea of the circus as it is usually accepted. Besides, the show itself has the exceptional reviews from both critics, as well as the visitors, both claiming that it was indeed life-changing. The artists are frequently interacting with the audience, which is something that distinguishes Absinthe from similar best shows in Las Vegas right now. It’s truly worth visiting for everyone!


Unlike Absinthe that positions itself entirely as the show intended to destroy the traditional approach to the circus, KA, by definition, is part of the Cirque du Soleil network. Without hesitation, it offers. Although, there are some key differences that make the show really interesting. First of all, it’s also a theater production, full of actors, decoration and the touchy plot that contributes to the fact that the show claims itself to be among the most influential in the history of the Western Theater Production. Secondly, the show itself has an abundance of colorful effects and technical wonders, which isn’t something that common to the traditional theater. Finally, the music and costumes are plain outstanding according to the various sources and the people visiting the show themselves. Nonetheless, the same principle applies to the show as with the previous one: it’s not the best option for those people that get easily offended and are afraid of the sensitive content.

Penn and Teller

If a typical tourist feels overwhelmed by the presence and craziness of the plethora of circuses in Las Vegas, one can certainly find something more relaxing and non-offensive. To this end, Penn and Teller keep functioning as the comedic and magic duo. Those two are there to both impress the audience with the unbelievable tricks, as well as to tell the funniest jokes you can ever hear in Las Vegas. The visitors seem to truly enjoy this show as the average rate on Tripadvisor is four out of five, which is not something that every entertainment option in Vegas can brag about. At the same time, the prices for the show seems to be convenient and justified, considering the widespread popularity of the duo. However, one should be aware that the content during the show is intended for the adults, thus it’s better to keep the children away as the jokes may sometimes seem inappropriate, although funny as hell. This is one of the unparalleled best shows in Las Vegas 2018.

Piff the Magic Dragon

And yet another duo that offers both comedy and magic is Piff the Magic Dragon. Although there is one fundamental difference between those two, which lies in the partners themselves. Piff, the creator of the duo, has the dog he uses for the show that is called Mr. Piffles. Never would have anyone thought that such things would possible anywhere else except Las Vegas, making it the exact reason to pick this show among others. Not to forget to mention the possibility for the visitors to attend the meet-greet interaction with the dog itself after the show is over. One can be sure that the magic would be felt in the air there as well. Finally, there is a need to indicate the type of content that will be present on the show. It’s mostly family-friendly, which makes it the convenient choice for going on with the kids. It’s not going to be sensitive as the creators promised.


Jabbawockeez is a group of the hip-hop dancers, who also specialize in breakdancing. The main theme of each show ultimately lies in celebrating diversity and inclusiveness as the creators count them to be the most important issues surrounding nowadays world. Jabbawockeez is appropriate for people of all ages, and, in fact, is the only dancing-based show that resides and performs in Las Vegas almost on the everyday basis. The tickets, in turn, don’t seem to be as expensive as they are for more sensitive performances that were discussed above. Besides, Jabbawockeez were the champions of the first season of America’s Best Dance crew back in 2008, which is pretty impressive.


You better make sure your children don’t get to see this show as it is named to be the most erotic show ever to be found in Las Vegas. While at the show, don’t be surprised to see naked bodies and the elements highlighting the human sexuality. As the artists continuously dance and perform to the best of their ability, the public seems to truly enjoy such a spectacular show. It’s hard to judge anyone for being way too provocative, although, one better be sure to keep his or her hands at the sight, so no problems would come up. And forget about the idea of bringing children to see Zumanity.

Blue Man Group

Almost everyone is aware that the Blue Man Group is among the oldest shows to base in Las Vegas. Featuring different elements of music and art, while connecting the appearance of the artist to the performance, the group ensures that the audience stays awake and satisfied. Not to forget to mention the fact that the show is also connected to the variety of social and ethical issues that are common in the United States. For example, one of the themed performance was the focus on racism, to which end the artists fully exploited their blue appearance to reinforce the wrongfulness of so.

Purple Reign

It’s fair to claim that the Purple Reign is not among the typical shows you can see while in Vegas. On the opposite, it’s more of a tribute to Prince, an actor from Minnesota who suddenly died last year. Whether you enjoyed listening to his songs or not, the show itself can proudly claim itself as one of the most moral ones to be found in Las Vegas as it truly is.