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Duration: 90 min
Harrah's, Las Vegas
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X Country Show Tickets Online

Vegas is Vegas with all its gleaming a part of which is the X Country show! This ultra-sexy performance is dedicated to the entire male population of the Sin City, who have got their tickets and are comfortably seated at the Main Showroom (Harrah’s Cabaret) at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. The participants of the adult show are all sexually attractive and highly talented girls that know well how visually fulfill a man’s fantasies. Their stunning acts involve as group dances, so solo pole and lap dances, erotic acts of drama. And all this is accompanied with the best tracks in Country music style. Expect to hear tunes by the genre’s most outstanding artists such as:

  • Tim McGraw;
  • Garth Brooks;
  • Patsy Cline;
  • Hank Williams.

There will also be hot dances under the music of such artists as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and others. Bold and barely-dressed divas promise the audience top-notch dances performed with such passion and devotion, that you want to stretch your hand and touch them to get sure they are real and not the result of your bright imagination!

The incredibility of X Country, however, is not determined merely by the gorgeous dancers. The state-of-the-art sound system and the cutting-edge multimedia effects definitely enhance the quality and beauty of the X Country show! The same can be said about the unmatched choreography. Angelina Martyn, a creative and gifted director and producer of the show, did a great job by setting all the dances, organizing the entire show.
There are four ladies that make the basis of X Country. They are:

  • Jolly;
  • Molly;
  • Lita;
  • Linda.

It is Linda who appears on the stage the first in a brightly colored lingerie to create a fresh and sexy mood on the stage. Her body movements are all alluring, exciting and bewitching especially when she moves her hips and ass on Shakira’s songs.

Then comes Lita to amaze the audience with a sexually attractive pole dance. Her gestures are seductive, her sensuality magnetizes and drives men to want to appear on the stage, which they eventually do. Lita chooses a random audience member and performs a lap dance especially for him.
The show X Country is closed with lesbian enticing games of Jolly and Molly. Their erotic drama gets the overwhelming appreciation of the entire audience!

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