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Duration: 70 min
Stratosphere, Las Vegas
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MJ Live Show Tickets Online

Didn’t you manage to be present at Michael Jackson’s last live concert? Well, MJ Live show gives you a real chance to be present at the best tribute to the King of Pop Music at Stratosphere Theater, Las Vegas. Here you will imagine watching and hearing Jackson’s unmatched voice, popular unique movements, singular stage choreography.

This isn’t a mere tribute or impersonation of Jackson, it’s a real celebration of the most talented artist of all times. The MJ Live singer is a fantastically talented artist who is so keen on Jackson’s talent, that performs his best hits with an exceptional passion and enthusiasm while the live band is there to recreate the perfect renditions of the King of Pop’s greatest singles. Here are the most remarkable songs by Jackson performed during the show:

  • Billie Jean;
  • Bad;
  • I Want You Back;
  • Smooth Criminal;
  • Heal the World;
  • Black and White;
  • Dangerous.

The ecstatic frenzy of sound and movements felt during MJ Live show will mentally transport you a live concert by Michael Jackson on the stage himself! Every facet of Jackson’s talent, presence, and image, including the famous moonwalk, the iconic dance movements, the classic outfit and the unmatched voice are delivered with an amazing accuracy.

Anyway, what enhances the MJ Live show is the mind-blowing special effects and the state-of-the-art sound accompaniment. All this, along with the dazzling atmosphere created in the hall, will make you sing and dance along on the very first note!

Believe this magic, due to MJ Live show, Jackson gets really reinvented right in front of the audience with all his former gleam and chic. What this production show caries as a message is that one should never forget how Jackson cared about this planet, so we must do the same! You will remember that the Pop King had a great love for the entire mankind irrespective of the ages, races, and backgrounds. So, all these qualities of Jackson live and are best represented in MJ Live show!

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