Best Breakfast in Las Vegas: Places You Should Know

Las Vegas is all about pleasure and having time of your life, so it is only natural, that the food industry here is pretty amazing. It is known for having almost any kind of restaurant or café, where you can try various cuisines from different parts of the world. Generally, we have to thank the multicultural nature of this city for such a variety.

Whether you are going on vacation, business trip or moving here to live, there are lots of amazing breakfast places in Las Vegas. Here is a list of some of the most remarkable ones so you can find the one for your liking.

5 Fantastic Cafes to have a Breakfast in Las Vegas

First of all, there are places for any food enthusiast, and the majority of them are quite affordable. You can easily find the best cheap breakfast in Las Vegas just around the corner, where you are staying. However, if you are planning your time precisely, here are some amazing options:

  • EGG & I

This superb restaurant is located in the west part of the Strip, so it is easy to find, that’s why it attracts tourists as well as locals. It is fantastic because the menu is quite wide and offers unusual breakfast choices. Yes, some people might think about breakfast food as boring and plain, but only because they’ve never been to this place. It is famous for omelets and blueberry pancakes, but you can also order a breakfast tostada or burrito (there are three different kinds), or choose something from the Hawaiian breakfast menu. It has 4,5 starts at trip advisor and also vegetarian-friendly. There are as well vegan and gluten-free options that are just as delicious as others.

  • Mr. MAMAS

This diner-styles location is one of the best places to eat breakfast in Las Vegas. It is located in Spring Valley as one of the affordable yet amazingly tasty restaurants. The portions are big, and you will definitely leave this place full. The menu is pretty traditional – it includes pancakes, eggs and bacon, omelets, salads, etc. Another advantage is that it is a welcoming and nice place that you can visit with your whole family and the service is also splendid. It is number one on trip advisor and as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options.

  • Bardot Brasserie

This Las Vegas breakfast place is European oriented and is located at Aria Las Vegas. The first thing to notice about this restaurant is the amazing interior design that resembles a café in Paris from the 1920s, it is very bright and looks fantastic, and the general style is art-deco. The place serves traditional breakfast cuisine that could be found in France, which is extremely tasty and fabulously looking. Here you an order croissant benedicts with Parisian ham or lobster, French toast, croquet madam and French cheese. It is more on the luxury side, but if you want to try something unusual, that’s a good choice.

  • Border Grill

If you are looking for a Mexican breakfast Las Vegas cantina, this one is for you. It is located in Mandalay Bay and has a great interior design; however, it is not the best thing about it. It has amazingly good food and, except for the traditional Mexican dishes you can also find something more extravagant, like chicken and waffles and cinnamon roll pancakes.

  • BabyStacks Café

Good breakfast in Las Vegas can be easily found at Henderson district because it has this place. It is well-known for their strong pancake game; you should definitely try the signature dish – Red Velvet. They produce butter for their pancakes every day in the restaurant; it also has vegetarian options and gluten-free dishes. Here you can try German Chocolate, lemon ricotta or hazelnut pancakes as well as amazing omelets and skillets.

Some other Good Breakfast Places in Las Vegas

It is impossible to fit everything in, so here is just a list of restaurants you may also like:

  • VegeNation – here you can try amazing international food; plus, it’s vegan-friendly!
  • Pink Box Doughnuts – here you can try any doughnut you have ever dreamed of
  • Blueberry Hill – a classic diner with amazing pancakes
  • Eggslut – here you can try some Instagram-worthy dishes
  • Black Bear Diner – a remarkable diner with huge portions and tasty food
  • EAT – a place with an unconventional take on breakfast dishes
  • Peppermill Restaurant – a classic Las Vegas restaurant

It is impossible to name and visit all the good breakfast places in Las Vegas, but you should definitely try to check out at least those we have listed!

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