Best Cheap Vegas Hotels: Enjoy Your Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation destinations because it is a great place that has all types of entertainment. Here you can visit the world’s best shows, go to see a favorite artist or just have a perfect sunbathing experience. One might think that it is not very cheap; however, there are several affordable and budget-friendly options for everyone. Here is a list of Las Vegas cheap hotel deals that will make your vacation affordable.

Cheap Hotel Prices in Las Vegas 2019

It is only natural to start looking for a place whose offers start on the lower end of the price range. Here, we offer a list of 8 cheap hotels to consider while planning your trip to Las Vegas.

  • Circus Circus Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

This residence is located on the northern end of the Strip and is quite cheap with the booking prices starting at $35. It is a nice and clean place to visit with the whole family as it has several family-friendly activities. First of all, you can enjoy circus performances that take places every 30 minutes, so you don’t miss it. Secondly, they have the Adventure Dome amusement park with rides, 4D theater, and bungee jumping.

  • Plaza Hotel & Casino.

If you are looking for the best cheap hotel to stay in Las Vegas, check out this amazing place. The staff is very nice; the hotel has good restaurants and a superb pool. The rooms are pretty spacious, and it is a great downtown experience. They also provide free parking and a coupon book to turn your vacation into the best experience.

  • Fremont Hotel & Casino.

It is a classic Vegas place from a mid-range pricing list. This hotel doesn’t have its own pool, but guests have an opportunity to use a pool in California Hotel. It is not in the Strip, but there is a lot of places to go out at night around it, and the local casino is beyond great. Overall, the rooms are quiet and clean, and you can have a proper Fremont street experience.

  • Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino.

It is a relatively fresh-opened (2013) hotel with some remarkable renovations done inside. Room prices start at $30 per night, which makes it a very exciting Las Vegas cheap hotel. There is a full gaming experience inside and also a pool that hosts roof deck parties. Needless to say, you are staying in the center of Downtown, where you can find any entertainment to your liking.

  • Luxor Las Vegas.

Those who Google, “best hotel in Las Vegas cheap” might think that splendid options are not for them, but check out this one. First of all, pyramid building is an unavoidable feature of the city’s architecture. It is ancient Greece-themed and has budget-friendly options as well as luxury rooms. It has a pool complex, amazing restaurants, a nightclub, and some other wonders worth checking. What else can you wish for?

  • New York-New York Hotel & Casino.

For those who want to experience the best marvels of both Vegas and Big Apple, this is the right place to choose. Here is a Statue of Liberty replica and the Big Apple roller coaster. There are lots of entertainments not only for adults but also for kids, so this place is not only cheap but also family-friendly. Here you will find comfortable rooms that come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Tuscany Suites & Casino.

This cheap hotel located in two blocks from the Strip, prices start at $59 per night. Here you can book basic suits; there is also a free fitness center for guests. There are also two pools that are rather small, but very comfortable. It is a nice place for those, who want to save money but be near the Strip.

  • California Hotel & Casino.

Cheap hotel prices in Las Vegas list wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful place. Prices start at &40 per night, and a meal costs $9, which is quite affordable. It is more advantageous for an older group of tourists as it is quite away from the roaring entertainment area. However, it has a nice pool, and the rooms are very clean and cozy.

Las Vegas Cheap Hotel Deals in the Strip

Now that you have checked the cheap deals and are more familiar with what Vegas can offer you, look through these places in the Strip. The Strip is a well-known area in Vegas that attracts visitors from all over the world with its many sights and entertainment venues. So instead of coming here to visit, why don’t you find a proper hotel right here?

  • Excalibur Hotel & Casino. Located in the Strip, hotel prices start at &40, although the rooms feel somewhat shabby. On the other hand, there are four huge pools and a waterslide. It is medieval-themed and located right in the middle of the entertainment area of Vegas.
  • Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. It is right in the middle of the Strip, so the location couldn’t be better. It is retro-themed, the rooms are nice, and there is also a spa and fitness center as well as one of the best pools in the area. The rates start from $80-100 per night.
  • The Mirage. It is a luxury place with amazing rooms and nice staff, despite the affordable pricing. There are lots of restaurants and a nightclub. You can also enjoy a Cirque Du Soleil the Beatles-themes show here. For the best experience, the guests can enjoy the spa, fitness training, pool, and, of course, casino.

So, as you see, Vegas can be pretty affordable, and you can still afford yourself to have the best trip possible. So don’t hesitate, and book one of the best cheap Vegas hotels we have kindly listed for you above. And check the list of Las Vegas shows on our main page!

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