Best Las Vegas Casinos: Overview and Timeline

Have you ever tried baccarat, roulette or blackjack? Do you like it? We are sure that everyone needs to experience gambling in Las Vegas casinos at least once in a life card. One of the best places to try is the famous Strip which is a real oasis with a vast majority of the entertainment in the middle of the desert.

Let’s face it. Most of the visitors come to have fun at casinos in Las Vegas. Usually, guests dedicate a day to sightseeing. Nevada’s casino market lost world-dominance in 2006 to Macau, China. Yet, the industry got staggering $76.59 billion revenue in 2017.

The Strip itself is located only a couple of miles away from the airport. Hotels usually offer comfortable transfer for their guests.
Generally, if we are talking about an average time and amount of money spent on gambling, so it is about 3 hours in the casino and $600 per person per day. Whether you are planning to have a wonderful trip on weekends or stay for a week there, you should definitely pay attention to this Las Vegas casinos list.

It is high time to go on vacation and hit the jackpot. Comfortable suites, beautiful swimming pools, shows, restaurants and, of course, casinos – everything awaits you there. Map of Las Vegas casinos is even more important than the usual one, as it will help you have an incredible time and not get lost in this amazing Sin City. Whether it is a hotel or casino, you are welcomed to spend all your time there as they offer fully equipped «playgrounds» for adults 24/7.

Short Guide to Top Casinos Las Vegas

  • Wynn and Wynn’s Encore

Their laconic buildings stand out among others. They have so many recreated world-famous sculptures on the territory. Style matters everything for this supplier of fun. Visitors point out rich interior design and relaxing atmosphere. Pleasant music, waterfalls, good buffet, and catering – this list has no end. Price for accommodation is a bit higher than the average on the market, but it’s definitely worth it.

  • ARIA

This casino hosts tournaments. It is among top providers of slot machines and table games. There, in ARIA, they definitely know a thing or two about how to satisfy their guests. You can enjoy the classic Wheel of Fortune with a modern interface or enjoy your night at the blackjack table. They have many high-limit slots, which offer you a high payout percentage, so if money burns a hole in your pocket, ARIA awaits you.

  • Caesar’s

This casino is a hotel itself, which brings guests all the excitement of Las Vegas in its luxurious setting. There you can enjoy poker or blackjack as well as take your chances at the race and sports betting. This casino stands out among others, because of the special app they have. It is so convenient to bet on sports with Cesar’s Sports app and get your cash immediately with their special Play Card.

  • Bellagio

Beautiful entrance with fountain hides inside comfortable halls for poker games. Apart from food and drinks they even offer a neck massage for those who are playing at the tables. There’s a hall dedicated to 1978 Poker Championship.

  • MGM

This hotel is the best place for those who have a modest budget, but still, want to play for stakes. They offer numerous affordable spin slot machines as well as card games with the stakes that are high enough to keep the game interesting and have fun! Enjoy games like Pac-Man, Pop-a-Shot and Sigma Derby.

History of the Strip as We Know Them Today

No matter how many casinos in Las Vegas there ever will be, the process of gambling industry began back in the 1930s.
Thomas Hull and James Cashman, both businessmen saw how this desert area could be a great place for establishing a resort.

They built El Rancho on Las Vegas Boulevard in 1941, and it was the beginning of the Strip as we know it today. This famous casino was destroyed by fire in 1960. The land is currently separated between Hilton Club and MGM Resorts.

Are you looking for old Las Vegas casinos? Here’s a list of pioneers with a long and fascinated history.

  • Last Frontier dates back to 1930. A lot of people argued that it belonged to Detroit Mafia, but now this place is occupied by Wynn.
  • Flamingo, in the middle of the Strip, dates back to 1946.
  • Thunderbird was opened in 1948 owned by Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor. Currently, there is an unfinished building on its territory after the demolition of the initial casino in 2000.

So how many casinos are in Las Vegas today? There are 104 of them. A surprise to those who thought that there’s nothing but downtown Las Vegas casinos. Locals prefer going to Las Vegas casinos off the Strip. They offer just the same perfect betting experience, but without the vacation craze. You might want to visit Palace Station, The D Hotel and Casino, and the Orleans.

And if you want to spend your time in Vegas not only in the casino, then come to our home page and choose the show and events you want to visit!

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