Best Las Vegas Clubs Overview: Taking Your Experience to the Next Level

As Las Vegas never sleeps, it has to be packed with various adult entertainment. To enjoy being on the guest list of a club you like, you will have to do some planning in advance, no matter how spontaneous vacation in Las Vegas may seem to you. Usually, nightclubs become the next destination after bar crawls. Well, not here.

Las Vegas nightclubs were designed to enjoy their atmosphere, design, and efforts of their creators. They stage unbelievable shows for visitors to have one carefree night to remember.

Before going on a vacation, you can go online to schedule your visit to the Vegas clubs. Sign up for some guest lists for free, and you will receive details about your visit by email.

If there’s a large group, who is going out, reserving a VIP table will provide some extra benefits like attentive service. These tables stand a bit aside from loud crowd giving you extra space for a party of your own.

Watch out for the services that help you get in clubs easily and free of charge. They also provide information as to where the free drinks are available. Planning and research always win.

Learn about events and special offers on the drinks and bottle service. If you are not looking for a particular show, make sure that the club you are interested in works on the desired date.

Shortlist of Best Nightclubs in Vegas You Should Hit

  • Surrender Las Vegas

You’ve probably heard recommendations to visit gorgeous Surrender. Grand parties by the pool with a perfect lounge zone. The reason you cannot find it no longer is that it’s been closed. Yet better to say that it has been transformed.

The hosting hotel, Encore by Wynn, re-named the place to Encore Beach Club. It is still gorgeous partying day and night by the pool.

  • Omnia Las Vegas

Omnia nightclub looks like a fusion of a night club and a performance arena. There’s a mysterious dark vibe to this place.

High ceiling with impressive and heavy lights installation; there are also balconies inside and a terrace if you want some fresh air. Hakkasan group created an unforgettable partying experience here.

Venues are packed with weekly theme parties and exclusively performances, which bring along their conceptual light show.

  • Tao Las Vegas

Tao offers unique and unusual atmosphere with a hint of Zen philosophy. Combination of red and gold colors, soft lighting, statues, and low tables. State-of-art surroundings call for famous visitors not only performing but rocking the dance floor too.

Have a grasp of fresh air on their beautiful terrace with an amazing view. Enjoy daytime partying at Tao Beach.

  • Marquee Las Vegas

Its exclusive ceiling installations are already an enjoyable visual. We suggest installing a map application, as located in the Cosmopolitan hotel, its premises look like one large club. Marquee offers the main scene for partying with top DJs, spacious dance arena, and, of course, the drinks.

There are two side clubs, Boombox and Library, that offer a bit of relaxation after main floor craze.

  • Hakkasan Vegas

This group became a mogul on the Las Vegas nightclub scene. They offer concert-like experience at their establishments. Hakkasan club, in particular, has a fame that goes well beyond Sin City.

A neon setting of refined decadence encompasses 5 level destinations including the Main floor, Lin Lin sections, Pavilion and Mezzanine.

  • 1oak (“One of a Kind”)

This club has idea and design to it. Long entrance way leads inside the entertainment mecca made of glass and beautiful lights. This club is built around the dance floor. It feels transparent and breathing.

The founders created sophistication through a combination of art and fashion. You may find original works of artists hanging here. The whole partying experience is A-level.

  • Jewel nightclub

It is the third gem by Hakkasan group quite successful too. Visitors say that Jewel introduces more of an intimate atmosphere. It differs from Omnia and Hakkasan that promote similar experience.

Jewel’s signature piece is a dance floor surrounded by LED screens with visuals to support the effect from the music. Creators’ opulent move was to granite VIP banquettes with leather upholstery. It’s quite spacious and unique.

Tips on Dress Code in Las Vegas Nightclubs

  • General guidelines

Clubs are not severe with ladies, but even they won’t get inside wearing flip-flops. Anything athletic: jerseys, running pants, sneakers won’t do as well. Men are not allowed in wearing sandals and shorts.
Most of the cubs are sort of lounge zones, so they do enforce a bit of a classy dress code.

  • Advice for women

Ladies, go for a cocktail dress paired with heels. For daytime partying by the pool, simple bikini won’t do and here’s why. You will arrive at the entrance of hotels and probably will have to walk through hallways and even casinos.

Stay decent and cover up for a casual look with a flair of peppiness. Being used to look your best at all times works perfectly for Vegas. Try not to toss your heels halfway through the night.

  • Advice for men

A winning combo for men includes dressing shirt, dressing shoes and nicely fitting jeans or pants. No bagginess. Hats are likely to be banned. Sunglasses won’t prevent from getting in, but they will probably make you feel uncomfortable about it.

No matter how hard you try to keep it cool, they will know if you are too drunk. Ultimate advice here is to stay decent.

Arriving well-prepared for the party with good outfits, high spirits and packing some cash, you will enjoy a world-renowned performance, class A service and future memories of the time you had.

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