Featuring the Best Las Vegas Restaurants in 2019

As the Strip grew and expanded at all levels, so did its culinary scene. It all began with buffets and simple dinners. Some spots still worth tourist attention because of their history. Otherwise, hunt for exquisite experience brought on by celebrity chefs and sommeliers.

The selection is so wide that you might want another visit only to attend restaurants in Las Vegas that you missed your previous visit.

Eat out on any budget and choose among your favorite dishes. Chances are, you will find any place at a walking distance. The most popular options include:

  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Mexican
  • Indian

You can also search for the best Las Vegas restaurants to eat pizza, sushi, and steaks.

Italian restaurants Las Vegas – Rich Mediterranean Options

Italian cuisine is introduced by the 2 pearls at Bellagio hotel – Picasso and Lago by Julian Serrano.

  • Picasso

Picasso appears as a more classic Mediterranean restaurant. With the intention of eating Italian, you might be seduced by Spanish and French influences in the interior and on the menu. Head for a somewhat quiet and composed dinner.

Restaurant deserved its 2 Michelin stars for servings that seem to reflect the original works of Picasso surrounding visitors. Try seafood and truffles accompanied by French wines. The earthy taste of Spanish wine will be a good choice to go with Colorado lamb dishes.

  • Lago

Lago offers a modern atmosphere. We suggest reserving a table in advance with a view of Bellagio’s fascinating fountain. A romantic place to enjoy impressive cocktails created by Ricardo Murcia.

We suggest going for the small plates to taste more. Combination of fresh seafood with the sides and drinks make the whole experience beyond worthwhile.

Prices at both restaurants are considered to be average for Las Vegas. If you are in favor of Mediterranean, try Rivea. Another romantic place to visit at sunset. Apart from appetizing servings, the view from the 64th floor will induce a relaxing atmosphere.

Asian Delight through Luxurious Minimalism

Chinese Kitchen in Las Vegas is represented by the famous Wing Lei. It is among the Michelin star restaurants Las Vegas boasts. Every dish here calls for a celebration. It looks beautiful, tastes delicious and costs relatively average for the restaurants Las Vegas has. Order Imperial Peking duck followed by signature must-try cocktails.

Always wanted to try Japanese fish? You can do so in a small but elegant Kabuto. Sake selection has hints for you as to which one to pair with your Tokyo fish. For more visual atmosphere go to Nobu. Here Japanese cuisine goes with a pinch of Peruvian influence. The drink menu also has both Japanese and Peruvian options.

Prices are considered to be average. In case you feel like spending, order table at Mizumi among the best restaurants in Las Vegas. Magical red and gold setting with koi pond accompanied by world prized dishes, masterpiece cocktails, and classy service.

Mexican Food to Make Feel Like Home

Looking for simple dishes with friendly prices? Visit Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina. Simple servings of the food make up for relaxed dinner environment. Nothing fancy and the customers love it.

Otherwise, Lorena Garcia established a place called Chica. It righteously reserves a spot within the best restaurants Las Vegas list. Beyond satisfying Latin cuisine with delicious cocktails.

Vegan Restaurants Las Vegas Takes Pride In

Le Pho combines smart prices, fun interior, freshest products, and attentive service. Despite classic pho containing meat, there are various vegan options to leave the table full on favorite veggies offered in gourmet dishes.

Vegetation offers a relaxed atmosphere and great selection of vegan and gluten-free options any time of day.

Gordon Ramsey’s Stardom of Las Vegas Restaurants

There are a whole 5 of them. Gordon Ramsay restaurants Las Vegas offer great cuisine, perfect drinks, and full-on vacation mode.

  • Winning at Caesars Palace

Staying at Caesars Place or anywhere near visit famous Hell’s Kitchen with a lively vibe. Cuisine needs no introduction. Reservations are packed, so if you plan to get in arrange in advance.
Pub and Grill offer a pricey choice on its menu, but a calmer atmosphere at dinner time. The place gets packed with a loud crowd at night.

  • Gordon Ramsey Steak at Paris Las Vegas

Varied menu with fish options among meat selection. Fine drinks for good companies stir the atmosphere that feels like a busy party. You will have to make a reservation if you plan to join.

  • BurGR at Planet Hollywood

These burgers and dawgs pack delicious flavors. To bring the price down, visitors suggest splitting a single dish between two people.

  • Fish and Chips in the Linq

A snack station perfects to grab a bite and avoid intense environment. Flavors and standards of food preparation are of course more than random take away.

Why Should You Visit Cosmopolitan?

Another winning position is staying here. The experience offered by Cosmopolitan Las Vegas restaurants is one-of-a-kind, there you can find over 10 options varying from luxurious places to relaxed diners or busy bars.

Famous Blue Ribbon, District: Donats, Estiatorio Milos are all located here. There are Chinese, Mexican and traditional American options with places dedicated solely to desserts or drinks. The variety seduces tourists for numerous comebacks.

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