Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Tour

If you have a couple of days in Vegas don’t miss Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour. There is no need for long explanations. This is a legendary place that attracts people from all over the globe. It is one of those “must see before I die” sites, and the majority doesn’t ever get an opportunity to visit it. Enough of sentiments, let’s figure out more details about your upcoming Las Vegas tour to Grand Canyon. Oh, don’t forget that you can still find the best shows and events on our website.


Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas duration depends on which part you decide to visit, transport, and type of activity you choose. For example, the distance Grand Canyon West, a part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation, is only 130 miles, that’s approximately a two-hour ride. Travelers usually choose one of the sites in the National Park:

  • South Rim – 280 miles away;
  • North Rim – 270 miles away.

Luckily, Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas is not a seasonal activity. Visitors are welcome all year round. Some are lucky to see red rocks covered with snow. Many people recommend staying there overnight if your timing allows.


There are three most popular ways to visit this site: road trip, guided tours (car, bus, hiking), and helicopter flight. Everything depends on your budget and preferences.

The best option for those, who are fond of planning and praise independence, is taking a four-hour drive. You may experience some problems with parking, especially during the summer season, but only you decide how long to stay and what to see.

If you prefer to have everything planned for you, many local companies are ready to assist. There is a variety to choose from, with different duration and itinerary. Just decide which Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour schedule seem the most appropriate and what activities are the most interesting.

A helicopter flight is probably the most impressive experience, and also the most expensive one. Keep in mind that all flights are strictly scheduled so you won’t have much time for exploration. Even if you land at the bottom, you won’t be able to take a long walk.


Companies that organize flights and drives are very numerous. To avoid disappointment and enjoy the best experience, take some time for reading reviews before you book something. Start with our shortlist of best tours to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas:

  • Pink Jeep Tours: guided rides to the South and West Rims (including infamous Skywalk) by a custom-designed off-road car.
  • Buck Wild Tours: two-hour ride through the South Rim in an old military Hummer.
  • Sundance Helicopters: a journey over a desert and national park, and a meal afterward.
  • Maverick Airlines: VIP customer service, exclusive check-in terminal, and of course scenic views.
  • Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines: flights by plane for 19 passengers with a four-hour walk after landing.
  • Paragon Skydive: flights with parachute jumps.
  • All in Aviation: opportunity to learn how to fly on your own!
  • Camping at Havasupai Tribe Reservation: ten-mile hike from Supai village in the southern area to beautiful lagoon with blue waterfalls.
  • Grand Canyon Western Ranch: Old West experiences, including campfires, horseback rides, and much more interesting stuff.
  • Skywalk Tours: a pedestrian route over the bridge with a glass bottom; no phones or cameras are allowed, except for a staff photographer.
  • Voyager Tour: twenty-minute boat cruise along the Colorado River.

It seems impossible to choose only one Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour – they are too different. If you have only one spare day, devote it to overland exploration. If your budget isn’t strictly limited, consider a flight and a walk afterward. If you have an opportunity to spend a couple of days here, you are really lucky! Visit the reservation, find out more about locals, go hiking, enjoy the Skywalk views, and use this time to enjoy as many new experiences as you can.

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