Las Vegas Zip Line Slotzilla – a Thrilling Adventure

There are all kinds of entertainment in Las Vegas, that’s why it is such a popular vacation destination. Whether you want to see Grand Canyon, go to splendid Cirque Du Soleil show, visit topless pool party or best strip clubs – Vegas has got you covered. For those who like adrenaline, there is also an amazing thing to try – Slotzilla attraction. It is a comparatively new attraction, as it was open in 2014 and became true only-Vegas experience.

What is the ZZiplinein Las Vegas?

It is a thrilling attraction that has a rope or cable attached between two points that are in different heights. Basically, a person slides through a cable from one point to another and gravity makes this trip an amazing experience.
Slotzilla Las Vegas zip line is an attraction built in the form of the giant slot machine so you definitely won’t miss it. It is located on Fremont Street in Downtown, just above the main shopping area. It has two phases:

  • Lower Zip Line;
  • Upper Zoom Line.

So what is the difference between these two options? First of all, they are at different heights. Las Vegas Zip Line is a classical sit-down style attraction. It is generally lower and shorter than zoom line; the ride is 850 feet and last about half a minute. The passengers ride from 77 feet heights above Fremont Street in sitting position right above pedestrians. The speed is about 32 miles per hour.

Zoom phase is higher, 114 feet above Fremont Street and the passengers ride in a superman position. The ride is 1,700 feet long and takes about a minute. Superman position means that you are going to ride in lying position with head in the front.

Las Vegas Zip Line Prices and Conditions

So who is allowed to ride this attraction? Basically, anyone, it is family-friendly, as soon as you are 13 years old. However, if there is someone less than 16 years old, he/she should be accompanied by someone who is older than 16 years. Zip Line Las Vegas is a splendid attraction that brings additional joy to Downtown experience.

Las Vegas Slotzilla Zip Line has weights restrictions. You need to be between 50 and 300 pounds to enjoy the ride. And if you are six foot and eight inches or taller you are not allowed to the lower phase for safety reasons.
The attraction is open to business every day, starting at 1 pm to 1 am. However, on Friday and Saturday, it works up to 2 am.

What about the pricing? The lower phase is $23 per person if you buy a ticket before 5:40 pm, after 6 pm it is $28. The upper phase is $43 per person on Sunday – Saturday, if you buy a ticket before 5:40 pm. The prices for tickets bought after 6 pm are $48 for Monday-Thursday and &52 for Friday and Saturday.

What else should one keep in mind? Each level has 4 cables, which means that you can ride in a group of four. You need to remember, that even if you book time, there will be some waiting, up to one hour because you need to review safety instructions and sign a waiver.

Can I carry a camera or a phone? No, it is prohibited, for safety reasons you shouldn’t carry anything with you while riding. However, you can attach GoPro at a helmet. All your belongings will be safely placed in a comfortably attached pouch that rides with you. For those who want a picture, there will be an offer in a destination point from a professional photographer.

Generally, Slotzilla zip line is an amazing attraction that will take your breath away. If you want to experience something thrilling and new, you should definitely visit it.

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