Visit Nude Topless Pool Party at Vegas and Have a Great Time

Las Vegas is an amazing place to rest and get a new experience. Here you will find lots of fantastic and breath-taking events to attend. Another benefit of this city is the sunny weather – it is one of the greatest places to get a good tan. If you are interested in trying something new, you should definitely visit a topless pool.
First of all, here you will rest and get an even tan. That’s just a dream for lots of girls. And secondly, no kids are allowed to the topless pool party. If you want to have an unforgettable time far away from children, this option is for you. If you are up for this experience, there are several rules you need to know about:

  • Only adults are allowed to clothing optional Las Vegas places
  • You cannot take pictures there. Even if you want to take a picture of yourself, it is forbidden.
  • Appropriate behavior. It is a safe place for everyone to have a great time.
  • Best Topless Pools in Las Vegas to Go to

There are actually several great places. Here is a short list of the most exciting ones.

  • Venus Pool Club at Caesars
    This place is gorgeous! The clothes are optional, so you can sunbathe topless. And the catering is also nice. It is a chill and luxury place for those who love a good daiquiri and frozen fruit plates. There are also spa experiences to try. It is a classic Las Vegas nude party. You can come over with friends or partner just to have an amazing rest. It is a great place to cure your hangover after a great night out yesterday. It is more like a day-club by the pool, so keep it in mind. It is one of the so-called “toptional” pools. It means that women can be either topless or not, it is totally up to you. And even if you stay in any other hotel, you should pay a visit to another famous venue – Caesars Palace.
  • Naked Pool at Artisan
    This option is great for those who love a little bit of privacy even if they are going to a nude pool party. Artisan is a petite boutique hotel, and the pool is also small. It may get a bit crowded during the weekends and holidays, so you better go there on weekdays. If you want to have simply sunbath without many people around, just plan your visit beforehand.
  • European Pools at Wynn & Wynn Encore
    If you are looking for topless pools Vegas where you can also play blackjack (why not?), this is your choice. Each of these two resorts offers European pool, so you can visit the one you like. There are a DJ and nice music and an outdoor bar. You can relax; drink a good cocktail and sunbaths. For those who come here for gambling and want to do it even in daylight – there are playing tables. This is the best thing about Vegas – you can get anything you want here. And both pools have food options.
  •  Tao Beach at the Venetian
    This Vegas topless pool works as one only from Monday to Thursday, so keep it in mind. The place is nice, and you can chill here peacefully. If you want sushi by the pool – they’ve got them. It is a VIP service that includes minibars, DVD library, and high definition plasma. There are also gaming consoles if you feel like you cannot take a day off from your gaming carrier. If you were searching for “luxurious topless pool Las Vegas”, this one is for you.
  • Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage
    It is one of the original topless pools in Vegas. Here you can sunbathe bare nude and have a great time. It is quite cozy, and you can get a nice cocktail at the bar. It works Thursday-Monday and is a great experience for adults. Needless to say, the service at the Mirage is excellent.
  • Marquee Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan
    This sexy pool party is known for great DJ sets and quite energetic music. However, during the weekdays, it is an amazing resort to rest. For those who want to experience a bit chaotic yet fun to party – go there on weekends. If you want to lay down and relax, then go there from Monday to Thursday. Among topless pools Las Vegas, this one is the most remarkable.

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