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Las Vegas Broadway Shows February 2018

In the recent while, the theatre and, more specifically, Broadway has been able to attract a wide audience of people towards the performances in the city of Las Vegas. The reasons for so are somewhat apparent if looking closely at the history of the city itself as well as the popularity of the shows of the focus. Without the slightest hesitation, everyone who plans on visiting the Broadway Shows in Las Vegas February 2018 has to offer wouldn‘t be disappointed in the long-term perspective. This is due to the enormous efforts put into production and the top-notch characters who contribute to the fantastic plot as can be seen in the listing below.

Hamilton, the Musical

In its entity, Hamilton is a sung and rapped through performance through the eyes of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. Featuring the hilarious comedy, wrapped up in the touching story, Hamilton was able to incorporate the elements of the pop music, rap, soul music and traditionally-performed Broadway-like on; this, in turn, was able to convince the range of critics of the exceptional nature of the performance and even attract the former President of the United States to see the show twice. Truly, by being such a distinguished Broadway show, Hamilton sets the expectation higher than anything else, which is why the tickets are incredibly hard to get a couple of days before the actual performance. Nevertheless, if picking Hamilton as the main Broadway Show in Las Vegas February 2018, it’s possible to get oneself a great deal and timely reserve all the tickets.


Among the array of storylines, the one of Cinderella seems to be timeless in its nature. In fact, you probably know all of the details of the plot already! This, however, shouldn‘t put a bias towards the performance of the focus as the creators seemed to also realize such a drawback. In turn, you can surely expect to be surprised during the performance as it features some of the unique elements, including sub-plots, vivid costumes, and dancing, that is successfully incorporated into the “distorted” story. The authors, in the face of Rodgers and Hammerstein, proved the world that it’s possible to take the charming and everlasting story and blatantly add something new to it. This is the sole reason why the show is recognized widely throughout the country and has received the Tony Award for its excellence. Although, as with Hamilton, it’s crucial to reserve the tickets beforehand to not miss the chance to experience such a top-notch show.

The Color Purple

The Tony-winning award, the Color Purple arrives freshly into the Broadway scene with the touchy storyline, not seen anywhere else throughout the city of Las Vegas during the month of February. Truly, the simple notion of a young African-American woman living in the 1900’s seems to already indicate the sensitivity of the topics presented during the show. However, if the sole story is not enough for your satisfaction, it’s worthwhile noting that the show also features the pure theatrical style, including the old-fashion singing, dancing, and staging. Being a unique Las Vegas Broadway Show February 2018 has to offer, the Color Purple will not stop on its way of securing the reputation all over the world.

Concluding Thoughts

The month of February is considered to be among the busiest ones of the year in the city of Las Vegas, which is why it’s necessary to have a set planned prepared for the entire trip. This would ultimately allow to obtain all of the Broadway tickets with an ease, have the parking spots available at all times, and lacking the need to pay extra for food and drinks while seeing all of the shows of the focus. After all, everyone desires to come to the city of Las Vegas in February to have a great time and such a pre cautiousness can surely provide you with that. If so, not only will you enjoy the spectacular performances you are about to see, but also secure the flawless vacation for oneself.