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Las Vegas Broadway Shows January 2018

Without any further justification, it’s clear that the visitation of Las Vegas without the authentic Broadway experience is a useless one as the entire heart and soul of the city seems to be concentrated on the grounds of the theatre, especially during January. Even though there is an abundance of regular theatrical productions occurring all around the place, it’s better to surely double check the most outstanding and unique ones to not fool oneself into the scam-like performance. To this end, it may be helpful to have a set criterion regarding the performances, including the reputation, price, and rumors as well as being dependent on the reviews of Broadway Shows Las Vegas NV January 2018. If following such a guideline and checking the following listing of the shows, it’s possible to fully enjoy your vacation experience all the spectacular shows happening during January.

Todrick Hall

As a part of the overreaching tour, Todrick Hall comes to the city of Las Vegas to bring the spectacular performance to the audience’s ground. Although, there is an obvious need to specify the artist’s identity so that the choice to attend the show is more reasonable as a matter of the fact. Todrick Hall is American Idol’s semi-finalist who also happened to be somewhat prominent on the Youtube platform because of his crazy-minded videos: “Is there anything Todrick simply can’t do?”. This seems to the exact ideology prevalent all around the place, which is why everyone should expect the high-quality Broadway show, full of the surprises by the author. In fact, no one can consciously ignore such an awesome opportunity to have fun while in LasVegas during the month of January.

Rock of Ages

Without having a memorable storyline, it’s surely impossible to name oneself as the authentic Broadway show. This is the belief that the creators of the Rock of Ages try to advocate for and reflect upon the nurture of the performance itself. The show features a famous collection of songs from the most prominent musicians of the twentieth century and focuses on the human aspect behind all of the works themselves. It’s worth noting that the show has been around in Las Vegas for quite a long time (since 80’s, if being more specific), which only reinforces the notion of its quality to the masses. Not to forget to mention the fact that Rock of Ages offers a significant discount to every single visitor who reserves all of the tickets in advance. This is why it Rock of Ages confidently positioned itself as the top-notch Las Vegas Broadway Show January 2018 has to offer.


The story of Cinderella is the one that continues to stay timeless and relatable, despite all of the efforts to distort its nurture with the unique approaches to the plot. On the opposite, however, a lot of critics hold a belief that the audience wouldn‘t be attracted to seeing the same content over and over again, which is why the Broadway show of the focus has been relatively successful in the industry. Featuring the innovations in the storyline, the different view on the costumes and beauty of the actors, Cinderella wants to fade away the belief that the theatre isn‘t a place for the major changes. This is, partially, why the wide audience of people seem to value the performance so much as the positive reviews on the various websites indicate.

Concluding Thoughts

Before starting to delve into all the top-notch Broadway performances that the city of Las Vegas has prepared to its visitors, it’s vital to have a crystal clear plan of what is going to be done during the day. As the shows are incredibly popular, it’s imperative to reserve all of the tickets beforehand without even hoping for a small discount. Additionally, one should also think of checking out the parking, hotel, and eating options for the entire period of the staying because the month of November tends to get pretty busy in the city of Las Vegas. This will guarantee a good experience during the month of January.