Friends! The Musical Parody Tickets
Duration: 130 min
Showroom, The D Las Vegas
Discount: $22
Price: from $50
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Friends! The Musical Parody Tickets

Tickets on Friends! The Musical Parody are already in stock. If you have bought it, get ready for a hilarious Off-Broadway hit, a lampoon for one of the most popular TV shows “Friends.” Penetrate into crazy adventures of young men and women in their 20s trying to conquer New York. Visiting «Friends!» will become an experience of a lifetime, for sure.

«Friends!» will let heroes share their personal trials and tribulations from the 1990s. They meet in Central Perk, a popular neighborhood coffee shop in this show. They reminisce about funny situations happened to them in New York.

Then out of nowhere, a runaway bride shows-up. Our heroes are taken by surprise, and the wacky musical is continued in a fully new direction.
Scenes become more entertaining as songs, comedy and romance take place. They provide a touch of nostalgia and a great moving story. Whether you are a theatre fan or not, this musical is the best show to amuse yourself in Las Vegas.

Be among the first ones to buy tickets on Friends! The Musical Parody to enjoy the show. There is no doubt that Las Vegas will be the best destination for your vacations.

What makes the show special?

This musical is inspired by famous TV show well known as Friends. It features many talented actors for roles of Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe.

Browse for discounted tickets for this Musical Parody and travel to Las Vegas ahead. This uproarious spectacle will make your nights in Las Vegas so short that you will wish to get more.
This musical is hilarious with its spectacular jamming of 10 seasons all combined into 80-minute parody.
They do a great job while introducing you to each character. Each of their personalities, relationships and storylines are represented properly and amusingly. Nothing will make you feel more into the story than watching it in Las Vegas.

Some of the most beloved stars appear shortly in this musical. Though it is an adult parody, it is done with high value and talented production.


Buy tickets on this parody in Las Vegas and get ready to be entertained at D Hotel. Las Vegas is the best place to begin your vacations at the end of January or early February.
Get your tickets from This is one of the shows you should plan to attend this winter!

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