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Duration: 95 min
Habbard Stage, Alley Theatre
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The Humans Show Tickets Online

This year the Hyman Show debut with their performance. They win many awards like

  • Drama Desk Awards
  • Obie Awards
  • Tony Awards
  • New York Drama Critics Circle

At the beginning of the show, the presenter goes and tells about each character from many. Further, the characters begin to develop, which depend on each other, since the life of one family is shown. The first thing that surprises at the beginning (if you do not know what the show is) is a large house cut into halves. During the performance, you always understand the actions and emotions of the characters, because the Hymans shows an ordinary family in which there are problems that are known only to them and nobody else.

A big house and a large family in which everyone has some kind of dislike for someone from their relatives because of long lunch or because of the incomprehensible actions of another. The Humans shows true relationships in the family * that often remain within the family circle. Domestic problems through which everyone often quarrels, family dinners who have to unite all, but it is the opposite. Everyone’s brawl with each other, they can not reach a compromise, when it is stated obviously. It’s sometimes impossible to understand the actions of some characters to the performance, many of the characters are specifically hidden for the viewer, but at the end of the show, you will definitely understand each member of the family.

Novelty in the theatrical plan is the openness of every room in the house because the actions always take place not only in the foreground but also everyone in the room is in the room that more and more resembles a regular house. Detailed replica of each character is created. Strangely enough, most of the attention is paid not to dialogues, I want them to be at a height in the performance, namely the actions and behavior of the family.

The way they position as a family and how they perceive it. The Hymans itself has two acts and only at the end of the whole performance, you will understand everything. Unfortunately, now tickets are not available for sale, but already at the beginning of autumn will be announced new dates of performances in different cities. The Hymans help to better understand the causes of family conflicts

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