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Hooters, Las Vegas
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Gordie Brown Tickets Online

One can’t manage to keep the count of the number of voices Gordie Brown, an outstanding impressionist delivers during his comedy show in Las Vegas! There are so many different characters this showman mimics, that anyone is sure to find his beloved artist among them. So, if you have already taken your seat at Night Owl Showroom, Hooters, be prepared to enjoy a fantastic barrage of music and hilarity at a rat-a-tat speed with as old so new favorites. The transmission from one artist’s imitation to another is done artfully and… so quickly you have no right to even blink, otherwise, you risk missing one of the funniest moments of the show!

Once you are in the hall, close your eyes and you will have the feeling there are such prominent artists on the stage as are the followings:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger;
  • President Trump;
  • All three members of The Bee Gees;
  • Elvis Presley;
  • Ray Charles;
  • Stevie Wonder;
  • Al Pacino;
  • Robert De Niro;
  • Pharell Williams;
  • Ed Sheeran;
  • Robin Williams, etc.

Now open your eyes and look at the stage to see Gordie Brown and burst out laughing! You were just now artfully fooled! Those were the incredible impersonations by Gordie Brown and not performances by those artists themselves.
Gordie Brown’s Las Vegas show attracts most diverse audience members starting with blue-haired fans of Elvis Presley, and ending with young tattooed fans of Charlie Sheen and Ed Sheeran.

During the entire evening, you will keep on wondering how Gordie remembers all those diverse voices and sorts them out in his overactive brain!
This gifted unique artist has already won the love and appreciation of not only his audiences but also other notable headliners. For instance, Celine Dion and Criss Angel have mentioned in their interviews how much they admire this talented artist! And who knows, perhaps Gordie Brown will duplicate the sensual love-song of the Titanic or the Gothic rock sons performed in the Mindfreak magic show! In all cases, we are sure that anything Gordie touches, will turn into a masterpiece with some hilarious lines through in to make it both enjoyable and fun! You will get assured in this yourself, be certain!

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