Jeff Civillico – Comedy In Action Tickets
Duration: 90 min
Paris, Las Vegas
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Jeff Civillico – Comedy In Action Tickets

If you’ve been thinking that the fantastic juggling and riding a unicycle are the only merits Jeff Civillico is gifted with, then we ought to change your mind. Surely, whatever this marvelous artist performs on the stage is mind-blowing, yet it’s magnetizing charisma and the unique quirky approach to his audience that makes one fall about the place laughing!

So, if this all sounds attractive to you, welcome to Jeff Civillico’s Comedy in Action show to be held at Anthony Cools Showroom, Paris Las Vegas! This utmost hilarious and at the same time family-friendly Vegas show is going to provide you with the most entertaining pastime you could ever expect! So, what else should you know about the show? Perhaps some rules applied to all audience members:

  • Appropriate for adults and kids over 3;
  • Kids above 3 must have a ticket;
  • Kids under 3 can sit on their parents’ laps and don’t need tickets;
  • Audience members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

All the ninety minutes of JEFF CIVILLICO – COMEDY IN ACTION show are filled with entertainment. Jeff Civillico seems to get never tired! At one moment you can see him balancing a chair with his mouth above his head, while at the other there is already a 10-foot ladder on his face! Once done, he invites a volunteer onto the stage to pitch him marshmallows while he is expertly riding his unicycle! The mere thought of this makes one dizzy, but Jeff performs these tricks as if he was born on a unicycle and in pursuit of marshmallows!

Buying tickets for the Comedy in Action show by Jeff Civillico, you will also get the chance to see him juggling at first three, and then five balls in a such a speed that it makes your head spin! But wait, that’s far not all! While juggling for kids, Jeff doesn’t forget to entertain his adult audience with quirky jokes!

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