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Duration: 75 min
Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
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Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Tickets

The Marc Savard Hypnosis Comedy Show takes all the comedy to a relatively new level of excitement and fun because of the guy’s ability to hypnotize complete strangers and force them to do really unexpected things, unseen anywhere else in the city of Las Vegas. First and foremost, Marc Savard is never the main attraction of the show, but rather the guy who makes volunteers the stars who are ought to shine bright and shout like chickens, especially in the long-term perspective.

You never know what the guy is going to do once the crowd is hypnotized, which makes the show particularly entertaining without the slightest doubt. Yet, it may be helpful to appreciate some of the things he has done throughout the history of his shows:

  • Forcing the old woman break-dance
  • Making a ten-year-old think of himself as of Lady Gaga
  • Transforming a straight man into a drag queen
  • Sticking people to the floor and a chair

What’s interesting is that Marc Savard has his own ways of determining if the guy/girl is in the right mindset to become hypnotized. To this end, he explains some of the specifics of hypnosis and warns the audience of the unexpected things that could pop up during the performance. As the artist claims himself, he can get 25 volunteers to be doing something really memorable during the night in Las Vegas. Due to the fact that the guy has an incredibly funny personality and the show that is interesting to watch, the audiences of all ages and preferences are expected to come, which makes it even more attractive.

As Marc Savard chooses the final selection of eight volunteers and conducts the relaxation techniques on them, they surely enter the deep states of hypnosis. Soon, the selected volunteers would open up their eyes and could even fell off their seats into the controlled position performed by Marc Savard, factually speaking. All in all and after all, the volunteers would do some really strange things when they hear a certain song playing (Marc uses the traditional method of hypnosis that’s proven to work over generations of people). In the minds of the audience, the most hilarious thing that Marc has ever done was to make the volunteers itch and scratch every time they heard someone speak English. The guy can be also a bit cruel to be funny, without the slightest hesitation.

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