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Taylor Dayne Tickets Online

Taylor Dayne, a talented artist, and a simply charming woman, is going to make her fans yell with excitement and pleasure at The Showroom, Golden Nugget, in Las Vegas. For this unforgettable night of American pop music, audience members five years of age and older are allowed to. So, put on your 80’s aerobic gear you looked (and are sure to still look) so sexy in, practice dance moves in the style of Richard Simmons and head to the grandiose concert of Taylor Dayne!

You are guaranteed some unforgettable pastime full of quality music, energetic dances, and true emotions. Take your kids with you, if they love 80’s hits, or organize an evening with your friends to spend some marvelous time together! All that you need is a ticket or two… well, or several, all depends on how many of you wish to spend an unforgettable evening watching and hearing Taylor Dayne on a Las Vegas stage!

Taylor Dayne‘s stunning music career expanded to three decades was filled with amazing moments she would like to share with her audience in Las Vegas. During her long and glorious career, Taylor Dayne sold totally 75 million records! Among the most-loved hits, you are going to hear during her Vegas concert are:

  • Prove Your Love to Me
  • Love Will Lead You Back
  • Tell It to My Heart
  • I’ll Always Love You
  • Don’t Rush Me

Taylor Dayne has released five studio albums throughout her three-decade career. And the most popular songs from all of them are going to be performed during the concert. Despite the age, Taylor is still the blond bombshell audience loves so much and admires! She will make her fans sing, dance and enjoy each single she performs during the ninety-minute-long live concert in luxurious Golden Nugget! If any of those songs remind you of the sweet dates you had with your beloved one, invite him/her to enjoy a romantic evening at this concert and let admirable Taylor Dayne bring back those fantastic days you experienced together!

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