Hitzville – The Show Tickets Online in 2018/2019
Duration: 75 min
Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
Discount: $34
Price: from $39
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Hitzville – The Show Tickets Online in 2018/2019

Showtimes: 5:30 p.m. Monday – Saturday

Las Vegas Shows on which miss Jin-Jin Reeves who brings her unbelievable talents full force every night. If you bought a ticket for this show or plan to buy (at the present time, the discount on Vegas appearances is 50%), you have made the right choice one by one, spend a few hours listening to Miss Jin Jin’s beautiful voice and a wonderful addition from the team of professional musicians who have repeatedly proved their primacy in various competitions.
The warehouse of the band at the time of its greatest popularity:

  • Jennifer Reeves – lead vocals, percussion
  • Mick Jones – lead vocal, pianos, keyboards
  • Joe Strummer – guitar
  • Norman Watt-Roy – bass guitar
  • Topper Headon – drums, percussion

Unfortunately, at the moment, some of the participants left the group, but the idea and spirit of the group still remained as it was before. The show is held once a week, so you can always book tickets in advance in order to forgive the time in a wonderful atmosphere. Sometimes the performance takes place in the cabaret, as in the old days. Therefore, it is worth simply to book a table in order to join the wonderful music. Also, in the form of an exception, the restaurant administration creates thematic romantic evenings, for which the entrance is strictly in pairs. If you want to spend time alone with your half, you can always rent the hall completely to have a romantic dinner with delicious dishes and melodic live music.

One of the chips of the show is the unexpected appearance of the soloist, which is different every time. One time, she took seats in the hall in the first row and covered her face with a scarf. After the hall began to become indignant, she climbed and the wings quickly parted to the sides, the show began. Always a living atmosphere that fills the hall with emotions that cannot be transmitted by words. Many people after the concert say that they will definitely come again to feel the relaxation and pleasure of the show. The organization responsible for conducting this show always shows a higher class of training. At the concerts, there was not a single case of hardware, microphones or sound. It is definitely worth a visit, you can also bring together children to join good music of good times.

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