Dear Evan Hansen Show
Duration: 150 min
The Smith Center, Las Vegas
Price: from $86
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Dear Evan Hansen Show

What’s really interesting about Dear Evan Hansen is the fact that the performance has become the main entertainment option for the families who are fond of theatre. As for the reasons, everything is pretty simple: the shows tells a fantastic story about the anxiety-ridden high school teenager who struggles to survive in such a stressful environment. Truly, by picking such a relatable topic for the plot, the creators ensured the widespread success and popularity of the show. Besides, Dear Evan Hansen has a strong reputation of being one of the most remarkable Broadway performances in the musical theatre history, which surely sets the expectation high.

No other show in the history of the theatre has been able to gain as much as six prestigious Tony Awards with the high-school focused topic, which seems to define the essence of Dear Evan Hansen better than anything else, without doubts. Although, there is a need to indicate that the show was critically acclaimed all over the world and deserves a special attention and thus admiration. This popularity, in turn, is the exact reason why it’s incredibly hard to get the tickets as it gets closer to the exact day of the performance for all the obvious reasons, making it imperative to reserve them beforehand factually speaking. Without doing so, it’s impossible to guarantee yourself a flawless visitation experience, especially in the long-term perspective.

What’s worth noting, however, is the fact that Dear Evan Hansen has already united a multitude of families all across the globe as it seems to solve the teenage-related problems with the lessons it ultimately teaches. Some of the users directly indicate that it was the show that helped to get along with their children, which isn’t that common to do for the Broadway performance of such an overreaching scale. Such a feature is undoubtedly the reason why Dear Evan Hansen is unparalleled in terms of the lesson it teaches and the level of performance that it provides to every single visitor of the show. Without doubts, no other occurrence of the focus can offer the same, making it essential to see Dear Evan Hansen if being a fond of theatre and traveling along with children.

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