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Wanna some dope rock’n’roll over there? While thinking about how the classics of the rock’n’roll are continuously impacting the future of our planet and overviewing the basic of newly-baked rock music, you would probably be bored. The world’s best genre is still very popular all across the planet and is one of those kinds of music that can be turned on everywhere and everywhen.

Rock’n’roll, due to the variety of sub-styles and sub-genres that are obviously making the genre what it is, is a perfect music that might be tailored for almost any occasion. The slow dances and tangos are composed in rock’n’roll style as well as quick-step and boogie dances.

This is the genre that is something you like even more than you grandpa liked! The style of music that one day united all the country of the United States of America is a perfect chance to experience the best of music performed by the best artists. Although new performers are trying to produce contemporary music that would match all the standards of the old-style rock’n’roll songs, they are still no good at that, unfortunately.

Consequently, the most of public audiences nowadays are coming back to the world best rock’n’roller of all times – Elvis Presley. After Elvis, who was a star of all stages and all performances across America, became a shooting star, everything changed. The one thing that is still the same is his popularity among people. Steve Connolly, who is the Elvis artist, tries to bring Elvis’s spirit to the people and remind us of the legend. That is why the show called the Spirit of the King was created and is now conducted in the city of Las Vegas.

Steve Connolly is an amazing performer that takes after Elvis Presley. His voice sounds just the same as the voice of the King, and his guitar is the 1:1 copy of Elvis’s one. This amazing event wouldn’t make you stay out of impression and probably would make your emotions come out in various forms. 

Duration: 70
Canyon Club, Four Queens
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