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Little Theatre, Las Vegas
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Falsettos Tickets Online

Falsettos is a musical show with a book by William Finn and James Lapine, and music and lyrics by Finn. The show, whose events take place in 1979 in New York. In the center of the event, the family part with completely unusual parents. The plot of the play is extremely interesting and is currently relevant because it raises the issue of same-sex relationships and how it should respond to children. How is it better to bring to the child what such things have the right to exist? It was this question that William Finn himself posed for writing.

Due to the direct interest of the author in this question, watching the show is extremely interesting. The actors of Falsettos are selected ideally for their role, every moment of the performance is ideally spelled out and of course, it is worth noting the perfect musical accompaniment, which at certain points, even without words, gives the comic of the situation. However, this does not mean that the dialogues between the characters go to the background, they are the most important element of this show, as well as monologues that detail the feelings of each of the heroes. Many songs of characters, in which the storyline is also performed. Intonations of heroes, which are not the less important element of the performance, are also described in detail.

After each comic replica of one of the heroes, the hall literally explodes from applause and laughter. On the Falsettos, you feel comfortable and without thinking about your problems, watch events on the stage that tear you away from reality for a long period of time.

Therefore, one can safely say that if you want to get a deluge from a good comedy with the meaning of necessarily come to the performance. The same show consists of two acts and lasts for about 3 hours with a 40-minute break between the acts for which you can have a snack at the bar. Ticket prices start at $ 80. You should go to Falsettos because you are unlikely to find performance with similar content.

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