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Paris, Las Vegas
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Jersey Boys Tickets Online

One of the most charismatic groups will always be known thanks to its hits that are heard in many cities in many continents. The band was founded in 2005. Its members are

  • Bob Gaudio
  • Bob Crewe  
  • Marshall Brickman
  • Rick Elice

From the very beginning, Jersey Boys wanted a new look at the 1960s music. Since childhood, all four had some kind of attraction to old music, which later gave the opportunity to create a band that now gathers over 2000 fans at concerts. Jersey Boys make a real show from the regular show. In some moments, from their play, in addition to singing, they also play scenes that transmit feelings when writing a song.

In essence, they create an adaptation of a song that does not become a banal clip but looks like a theatrical play staged by a skilled scriptwriter and experienced actors. This year Jersey Boys are playing with their new album “Four Seasons”. “Four Seasons”, because each participant has something to do with music, and together they form one band, as one year.

One of the chips of the show is the performance in the small cabaret as in the old days when only the rock’n’roll was created. Broadway shows are always accompanied by high-quality lighting, which is extremely important for the atmosphere of the performance. Any concert of the band is high-quality sound and a good actor’s game from the band’s members. The show itself is always accompanied by loud applause of the hall, every play is held at a high level.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent the hall completely, in order to look at the performance only with its half, but you can always book a table on the closed performances of the band. In addition to good music, you can enjoy food and drink, as these performances are held in restaurants. Most cities do not already have tickets, so now is the time to book a ticket to an interesting artistic performance created for aesthetic passion. Jersey Boys are impressive with their performances by any listener.

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