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The Smith Center, Las Vegas
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Something Rotten Show Tickets

Is an original musical comedy with a book by John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick and music and lyrics by Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick. The theatrical performance with the elements of the opera, this is how you can characterize the performances of the Something Rotten Show. Although it’s really impossible to convey a feeling when viewing a play. How skillfully actors play data on their characters.

The room always explodes with a laugh then an ovation. Performances are full of humor, such as in the first act at the end of which Nostradamus predicts Shakespeare his greatest creature, “Omelette.” This conveys us with the true creation of Shakespeare “Hamlet”, such comic moments in the play are extremely numerous. Many social issues are raised in the play, such as love, the attitude of parents to children, the conflict of generations, loneliness, and many others.

A team of professional actors and experienced filmmakers worked on each character for a long time and devoted a lot of time to the details in the play. Even temporal heroes who may appear on stage only once for two acts leave their imprint on the subsequent actions of the characters. Many theatrical critics recommend Something Rotten Show to the screening because the painstaking work was done so that each one of us could enjoy a good revelation of acts.

The play itself describes the events of the distant 1600 years, it was at that time that the era of the Renaissance began. Something Rotten Show ridicule many of the important problems, things that eventually became a classic and this is what his success looks like. It is the events of those years that the contemporary interpretations of scriptwriters provide a good opportunity to enjoy interesting events in the past. There are only two acts in the play, each of which lasts for an hour, and between acts, there is a break so that visitors can drink something at the restaurant.

There are currently no tickets for the show. But the next month is full of announcing a new tour in many cities and it is quite possible that the theater will come to your city. Therefore, hurry to learn first about the Something Rotten Show, because in a few days people buy up all the tickets.

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