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Duration: 90 min
Bally's, Las Vegas
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Tony and Tina`s Wedding Tickets Online

It wouldn’t remind anyone of Las Vegas if the wedding weren’t common throughout the “Sin City”. Just like any engagement capital of the world, the couples don’t hesitate to unite their hearts in the spirit of love for raising their happiness levels ultimately in the long-term perspective. To match such a premise, Tony and Tina’s Wedding show at Buca di Beppo inside Bally’s Las Vegas created a massive celebration of the act of love.

Lucky for you, however, the invitation just came with all of the mail, meaning that you are invited to come and celebrate. While you may think that it’s not really worth coming for the Tina and Tony’s Wedding show, the reviews on Best-Vegas and other websites indicate exactly the opposite. Ultimately, there are going to be a couple of things that you should expect when visiting Tony and Tina’s Wedding in the city of Las Vegas:

  1. There is going to be a reception with dinner and cake
  2. It’s possible to order vegan options
  3. The drinks are available at all times (think of wine and champagne)
  4. No minors are allowed to come (sorry, folks)

Tina and Tony’s wedding used to be one of the longest running funny shows in the city of Las Vegas, having a 14-year history of success left behind every single performance. What’s worth noting is that the show is not a typical wedding that you may have heard of. On the opposite, there is a lot of satire, humor, and real-life irony incorporated into the event, which surely intensifies the need for going and checking it out, factually speaking (think of kidnappings of the brides, pie throwing, and fights for the bouquet of flowers).

To this end, there are a couple of things that the audience should be aware of. First of all, when the comedy starts, don’t expect the excellent service to be on your knees (the servants can actually kick your butt to make the event funnier, haha). All the while, a bridesmaid could get suddenly pregnant and a couple of strippers would show up to kick his ass, which is quite hilarious if you ask me. Moreover, have you ever seen a drunk priest talking about Jesus as if he was the gay guy with AIDS? Well, prepare yourself to see such kind of comedy, because it’s going to get hella crazy in the “Sin City”.

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