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Kearney Community Theatre, Las Vegas
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The Cats Show Tickets

The Cats were a Dutch rock band formed in Volendam in 1964. Past members of the group:

  • Arnold Muhren
  • Jaap Schilder
  • Cees Veerman
  • Piet Veerman
  • Theo Klouwer
  • Piet Keizer

The group, whose years of popularity came in 1970. Six guys decided to create their own band, which had incredible success at one time. On the most show, the grounds were completely hammered. Sometimes The Cats performed charity shows, despite the fact that then they had quite a lot of financial problems. Today, most of the band’s members are busy with their everyday work, for example, soloist Arnold Mühren chef in one famous restaurant. However, the participants gathered again to pay tribute to the former case.

Unfortunately, they are no longer collecting full rooms at the time of their youth, but their show is still filled with emotions and an atmosphere in which real fans are so sad. The last tour of the band is scheduled for 2018. True fans come to their show several times from many cities. In The Cats’ show, there is an atmosphere of mutual understanding between the public and the artists who created and create a story with their songs. When you come to the show of a group and take place according to the purchased ticket then plunge into the atmosphere of the 1970s. The performance of the artists begins with the traditional greetings and contact with the hall, after which they perform a number of songs from their debut albums.

Of course, that atmosphere that was changed decades ago, nobody is fussing with the guitar on the stage, has no long-flown volley, but still, the spirit transmitted by the artists is left. The performers themselves at one of the recent show said that it would be the final completion of the group, they needed to officially complete their tours of the cities. If you are worried about whether to buy a ticket or not, then this is definitely the case, because during a concert you are immersed in a minimal atmosphere that you just need to feel. The Cats’ show is the same as it was many years ago.

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