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Duration: 75 min
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
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Zombie Burlesque Tickets Online

Another amazing mixture of two kinds of performances – that being musical and comedy – results in an event that is attended by thousands of people. Zombie Burlesque is a show that was created by the same group of performers that created “VEGAS! The Show” event. Since many years ago, it is still a top comedy show that is conducted in Las Vegas and definitely is one of those events that are one of the top things to do in the city.

While it features a kind of old-style Broadway horror shows spirit, it also includes some features derived from adult shows and comedy events. According to the plot, the process takes place in the middle of the 20th century when zombies were capturing our world and intensely breeding due to the atomic environment. The show is believed to be one of the most all-around events that were ever performed in the city and is truly a unique chance to experience them at the same time. With a regard to the genre, this show would bring some piece of the city spirit to its visitors.
The main kinds of shows that are combined are:

  • adult show
  • comedy show
  • musical
  • production show

On top of simply entertaining the visitors with perfect singing and dancing, Zombie Burlesque also offers something that you wouldn’t meet anywhere else, according to Best Vegas. First, it offers some super sexy moments. As it was mentioned before, Zombie Burlesque is a mixture of many kinds of events and the adult show features are also included. Second, the acrobatics are marvelous.

The most skillful performers in the city do complex tricks during the event. Finally, dinner packages are available. That means, your dinner would be included in the price of your show ticket so that you would get much more pleasure from visiting the show. Analyzing the features and specifics that were described above, we can undoubtedly state that Zombie Burlesque is a perfect show for single and couple attending.

While it is not considered a good event for a family style weekend, it is still an amazing choice for those individuals and couples who decided to visit Vegas alone/together and are up to have great fun during one of the most famous performances in the whole world.

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