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The name of the show is primarily related to the water, as explained in the French dictionary. Truly, such an ideology also defines the nurture of performance itself as the artists and acrobats regularly interact with the water-related stunts, including the extreme swimming and diving as well as performing on a stage that contains a million and a half gallons of water. The theme of the show is certainly unique in its nurture as it wasn’t picked up by any other Cirque du Soleil of the focus throughout decades!  

Even this simple fact already sets the expectation high for the visitors and it’s clear that the show has much more to offer than only the “surprise effect”. The abundance of visitors claims on all the major reviewing websites, such as Yelp, FourSquare, and Tripadvisor that O by Cirque du Soleil is worth attending for all the fans of the authentic circus experience. Featuring the high-quality theatrical performance, full of dancing and singing, O regularly comes to the city to destroy all of the stereotypes connected to the traditional-mindedness of the Cirque Du Soleil.

In turn, it seems that it is the exact ideology that puts “O” into the listing of the hot-ticket shows, meaning that it’s beyond essential to reserve all of the tickets in advance to the performance.  Not to forget to mention the VIP-ticketing option that includes the personal meet-and-greeter, the pre-show reception, the video tour, as well as early theater access and the best seating places there is. In the end, it’s also possible to get oneself a solid dinner and show package that should surely cover all of the needs when visiting O by Cirque Du Soleil. After all, it’s going to be humid in the air because of all the obvious reasons, which only reinforces the need to avoid over-hydration if possible!

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