Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil Show
Duration: 90 min
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Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil Show

Showtimes: 7 and 9:30 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday

Probably one of the least family-friendly circuses in the entire city of Las Vegas, Zumanity always has something ready for the adult audience attending the performance. The production itself is fully erotic in its nurture: featuring the cabaret-styled decorations, the half-naked actors and the presence of offensive and sensitive content, Zumanity aims to fade away the belief that it’s impossible to dare to make such a show in the self-proclaimed “Sin City”. It’s worth noting that some of the critics actively advocate that the show rather focuses on the nature of human bodies and aesthetics instead of simply targeting the sex aspect behind the entire performance.

Nevertheless, even if the show features the display of sex under the theme of the Cirque Du Soleil performance, it still deserves a chance to be among the top-notch circus experiences in the entire city of Las Vegas, if not the nation. Also, some of the visitors seem to enjoy the prevalence of free and paid drinks, available while at the show as well as the option to get some high-quality food prepared at the restaurant nearby the location.

Still, one has to realize some of the requirements that the creators have established for Zumanity. One has to be at least twenty-one years old as well as to show the required identification while on the entrance. Because of the sensitive essence of the performance, not a single minor can be left in even if trying to attend the performance with parents. Nonetheless, if surpassing the age requirement, it’s more than possible to enjoy every single part of the show without having to worry about getting drunk or too nasty while at the show.

This, in turn, is surely the reason why the locals don’t hesitate to visit Zumanity time after time while the tourists still grab almost all the best seatings for the show. After all, everyone wants to take a glimpse into such a bizarre and unusual performance!

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