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Without doubts, if being fond of the high-quality comedy, then the option of visiting Ray Romano and David Spade’s performance would surely seem appealing. To make the final decision, however, it may be truly helpful to better understand the history behind such a prominent comedic duo. The award-winning television start Ray Romano united with the stand-up comedian David Spade for delivering the laughs at the Mirage Hotel and Casino right in the middle of the “Sin City”. The comedians themselves, interestingly, are used to performing in quite the opposite styles.

Ray Romano is used to portraying stereotypical “everyman” characters, whereas David Spade succeeded in imitating sharp and sarcastic personas, factually speaking. The background of comedians, furthermore, is also quite different. Romano originally initiated to become an accountant, something as far away from comedy as one can possibly imagine.

On the other hand, Spade always wanted to be the stand-up comic, and he rose to that status after multiple appearances on the television. Nevertheless, it’s clear that both Romano and Spade are quite the experts in the industry, having an extensive experience in late-night shows, comedy, talk-shows, and so on. To this end, every single visitor can be quite confident that the performance is going to be top-notch as the majority of the reviews on BestVegas ultimately indicate. In turn, it’s clear that the tickets are going to get sold pretty easily and it may be pretty hard to get them a couple of days before the initial performance.

Not to forget to mention the fact that both Romano and Spade are used to fooling the audience with various tricks and unexpected things. For instance, the duo may focus on trolling some members of the audience for the entire time of the performance, with some claiming that they were hard-core bullied even after the show was over, haha. In a way, it’s imperative to realize such a unique feature of the show to not get offended or disappointed, especially if planning to conduct a visitation along with the family. Still, it’s apparent that Romano and Spade deserve some attention and it’s easy to understand the underlying reasons for so.

Duration: 90
Terry Fator Theatre, Mirage
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Price: $110
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