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Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
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Xavier Mortimer Tickets Online

Unlike any other magician you see on the streets of the city of Las Vegas, Xavier Mortimer has an extensive experience in the industry, both having played in the Cirque du Soleil and performing in more than thirty countries with his comedy and magic-driven shows. Thus, expect to see an enormously impactful performance the next time you visit the Sin City Theater in Planet Hollywood. Due to the fact that Xavier Mortimer is talented as hell, it makes sense to briefly list the appearances that made the guy widely famous:

  • Performing in France at the Gold Star Festival
  • Gained enormous popularity with the Shadow Orchestra
  • Appeared on “ America’s Got Talent”
  • Being a part of Michael Jackson ONE Cirque Du Soleil Show

As can be seen from the listing above, visiting Mortimer’s show could be particularly engaging due to the well-rounded performer who made the huge leap from being on the sides to having a massive-scale individual performance at the heart of the city. At the same time, it may be helpful to credit what Xavier has brought to the music industry, in particular, the notion of connecting comedy and magic.
Before, the magicians, though impressive, were really boring to listen to as they were alike to one another; when Xavier’s popularity skyrocketed, such a notion has changed forever. Now, it’s almost impossible to gather the audiences as an illusionist or magician without using Xavier’s methods. To be engaging, to engage, and to provide for the audience – all are the three major premises that guide every single show performed by Mortimer, especially on the grounds of the city of Las Vegas, which is particularly good.

Finally, it may be helpful to realize what kind of comedy we’re talking about in regards to Xavier Mortimer’s performance: in its entity, the comedy style reminds more of physical-minded shows, just like the ones done by Charlie Chaplin, than anything else that can be seen in the industry. Because of such a fact, it’s clear that Xavier is an innovative type of guy who deserves all the Olympic appraisal that he has received in the past years, no doubts. Thus, no one should hesitate before buying the tickets to Xavier Mortimer’s show.

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