The Miss Behave Game Show Tickets
Duration: 90 min
Bally's, Las Vegas
Discount: $36
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The Miss Behave Game Show Tickets

The Miss Behave Game Show is definitely one of the best shows to be held in Vegas. If you want a cool time and have fun, buy a ticket right away. Over the course of September, almost every day, you will have the opportunity to take part in this unusual game that will not leave you indifferent once in a while. The Miss Behave Game Show was in such cities as:

  • New York
  • Washington
  • Ottawa
  • Miami

Many of the people who once visited the show are obliged to come back again, in order to plunge into the atmosphere that prevails in the hall. Something similar you can hardly find on any other event. Miss Behave’s show always consists of an incredible program that can hit anyone in the crowd. Every game is well thought out, which is only a dozen in one performance.

The charisma of Behav himself gives everyone the opportunity to feel open to dialogue with other people. Also, the leader himself has an assistant called Harriet. At first glance, he looks confident in a man, but 5 minutes after the start of the speech you will understand completely different. Each time the games that are the main part of the program change.

Therefore, you will be able to come several days in a row and again immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the show. Each time, almost every one of the hall is involved in the stage, since the essence of the show is the game. People pay their money in order to have fun and feel in society. In order to call someone from the hall, there are many different conditions. Beginning with the first one dialing the phone number that will be announced on the stage, ending with a prime call with a fingertip for one of the visitors.

Different contests are also on this show, everyone can become a participant and win a prize. Prizes at the event are extremely diverse. This may be like a cocktail from the bar, and a striptease dancer or strippers. As a rule, there are young people who are looking for acquaintances, so new friends are also an important part of the show. It is definitely worth buying a ticket and feel this atmosphere.

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