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Duration: 70 min
1OAK, Mirage, Las Vegas
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Matt Goss Tickets Online

One of the most talented, extravagant and … sexy British artists Matt Goss is back in Vegas again after a one-year absence. This grandiose artist who has the most charming blue eyes women get lost in so often has prepared a thrilling concert for all its fans and simply music lovers.

Gross was a member of quite a popular pop group Bros in the 1980s, yet when he arrived at The Palms eight years ago, he had to start everything from a zero. However, soon afterward he carved himself a niche (not without the help of the Dirty Virgins troupe) and became a Las Vegas star. His grandiose lengthy stint at Caesars Palace was a real boom! The audience was simply amazed! But now, Matt Goss gives a concert at 1OAK, Mirage. The moment the audience sees Gross appear on the stage in a nightclub setting, hands rise in the air with great anticipation of something wonderful, something thrilling and mind-blowing! And their expectations not only get satisfied but also get exceeded!

Before we pass to describing the show (expect a little spoiler), let’s tell you the basic rules:

  • There is an age restriction and people younger 21 aren‘t allowed for the concert;
  • There is no dress code set, yet if you plan to stay for the after party at 1OAK, fashionable attire is encouraged;
  • There is a bar to buy alcohol drinks during the concert;
  • The concert always starts at 7:30 PM and lasts seventy minutes with no intermission.

During the entire concert, you can enjoy the presence and amazing dances of The Dirty Virgins troupe. Besides, if you have the luck to sit closer to the stage, possibly you might be treated to a private dance by a charming dancer of this famous dance group.

What makes 1OAK nightclub such a grandiose venue for Goss‘ concert is that it allows the artist to thrive in the environment, improvise on the go and encourage his audience to participate singing and dancing with him. Matt Goss‘ repertoire includes as original tracks, so covers such as mind-blowing renditions of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain‘t Got You” and “Hotel California”, as well as mixes of Sinatra’s standards.

Throughout the whole concert, you will also see Matt Goss raise his glass and suggest you do the same. At the local bar, you will even find several drinks with Matt’s name such as Matt Goss Tuxedo, which is the most recommended drink in the menu, Matt Goss Martini, and Matt Goss Mule. With any of these drinks and Matt Goss alluring voice, your evening at 1OAK can be considered fantastic!

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