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Las Vegas Events August

As the last month of summer is about to end the crazy-minded period of the year, people start simply wondering whether there are any worth-visiting August events in Las Vegas, and rightfully so. It seems like for the entire month, the traditions are going to take a lead in the city of sins, featuring the monthly performances and concerts. Aside from that, it’s still possible to enjoy the city’s unique atmosphere by visiting the local parks, squares, and alleys, as well as the everlasting pool parties and nightclub events.

Fremont Street Experience

For all those feeling overwhelmed with clubbing or the extensive partying at the pool, the option of attending the Fremont Street would truly seem appealing. The reasons why are somewhat obvious: the trip includes a free light show, live music, and concerts, as well as an ability to ride a zip line. Among all the Las Vegas August 2018 events, this one is the best option to go to with children and teenagers as it is a fully family-friendly space. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to experience the warm weather in Las Vegas until the autumn kicks off with its malleable climate.

Magic Convention

In its entity, the event is the world’s biggest fashion-focused event, where almost eighty-five thousand people come to every year to see the trends of the modern industry and experience it on themselves. Featuring some of the hippest designers, as well as the accessories and weird clothes, Magic Convention aims to break the stereotypes that typically exist in regards to the nowadays fashion, which seems truly appealing to all of its visitors. Nevertheless, one should remember that a place where the convention is going to take place is surely going to be crowded, thus coming prepared for such a possibility. All the while, it’s not a genuine idea to bring children there as the consumerism is going to be all over the place. Still, it’s one of the most prominent events in Las Vegas August 2018.

Def Con 26

This event is surely for all those feeling like they’re a part of the expanding tech industry that’s so much prevalent in the everyday life even of an average person nowadays. In particular, all of the coders, computer geeks, and tech fans should be encouraged to attend as the Def Con’s focus is all about partying in the context of celebrating the innovations. There are rumors that some of the richest and famous CEO’s from the Silicon Valley regularly attend such an event, including the SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk. Among all the events in las vegas August 2018, no one can miss a chance to visit the occurrence of such a scale! Besides, the free drinks and food are going to be offered.


Truly, one of the best things in the network of Las Vegas events August 2018 is its unparalleled comedy performance artists, including the Blue Collar comedian Ron White and Tim Allen. Both comedians are distinguished by the type of jokes that they produce, as well as by the reception of the audience. One will surely have a great time after hearing some of the hilarious stories that they have prepared for you. Not to forget to mention the fact that there is a lot of the interaction going on with the audience, which means that one will stay motionless during the performance. It’s recommended to come with the family as the show is not overall offensive as the organizers of the show claim.

Concluding Thoughts

The month of August isn‘t the busiest in terms of various shows and events going on in Las Vegas, which may appear as disappointing to some. However, there are still options for having a good time as indicated above. One just needs to decide what type of entertainment he or she desires to see and start reserving the tickets before they get ultra-pricey or even sold out in some of the instances. All the while, it’s important to follow the weather trends and not dress either too warm or too cold for the various time of the day. Enjoy your time while in the city of sins, but remember to still be cautious!