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No single fan of electronic music can miss the opportunity to attend the full-scale festival focused on it. In its entity, EDC aims to bring the most influential DJ’s from all over the world to the Las Vegas grounds with the purpose of opening up an industry to as many people as possible. Although, it’s vital to realize that the festival is not a type of rave party that is commonly connected to the electronic music. On the opposite, it’s a positive celebration of the music as a form of art rather than the drug-focused occurrence as some of the critics would like to claim.

It’s worth noting that EDC this year is a little bit different from the way it used to be before. As the major tragedy hit Las Vegas on the beginning of this year and the prominent musician Avicii tragically passed away, some of the fans felt the need to recognize an impact of these unfortunate accidents. There is some pain that can be felt in the air, although it doesn’t ruin the message of unity and love that is common to the atmosphere of the festival.

But the deep essence of the EDC still indicates that unraveling isn’t gone from the grounds of EDC. The community acts as a driver for change in the world of music and has no plan of stopping such an ideology from spreading all over the place. This, in turn, only intensifies the need for checking out what EDC has to offer this year, especially if considering the fact that a lot of the prominent DJ’s are coming for sure to perform for such a wide array of people.

Nevertheless, some of the technical details should be mentioned to prevent some extreme scenarios from happening. For instance, the organizers of the event recommend bringing a lot of water to the event to stop dehydrating and not feel overwhelmed by the temperature in the air.

This, in turn, also leads to the advice to bring one’s own food to the festival if possible because it’s not guaranteed that the food court is going to be located on the grounds of EDC. At the same time, one has to have an identification with himself or herself at all times because the festival is primarily restricted to adults only due to the security reasons. All the other info can be found on the official website.

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