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Las Vegas events December 2018

As the year comes to its close and reasonable ending, there comes a wide variety of the events of focus for all those visiting the city of “sings”. Aside from the colorful celebration of the New Year and the family-friendly atmosphere that the Christmas Eve has to offer, there are still things going on of which may not have been aware of, including the abundance of the parties, drinking competitions, as well as the nightlife. One should be surely ready for all of the un-expectancies that such a special month may bring to the table; to this end, it makes sense to check all of the events in Las Vegas December 2018

New Year Experience in the Paris Hotel

Imagine what an experience it is possible to get while celebrating such a big event under the Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower. Featuring the colorful and vivid fireworks right during the midnight, the performance will leave no one without the happy smile on the face. Besides, every single visitor gets a champagne and the ability to enter the bar, which is located exactly at the hotel. All the while, it’s possible to do the remembrance photo if staying with the family or as a couple. Such a combination of wonderful things ensures that every single visitor will remember the New Year for a long time, especially considering the overall atmosphere of French hospitality that can be felt in the Paris Hotel.

New Year’s Party at the Hard Rock Cafe

For all the fans of the rock music, a chance to celebrate a special occurrence in the setting of the Hard Rock Cafe would surely outstand itself among all the other Las Vegas December events. The fact that the cafe itself is located in the center of the city of “sins”, Strip, means that every single visitor would be able to enjoy the memorable firework show that will be organized by the local authorities themselves! Not to forget to mention the fact that there will be two exceptional musicians playing for the whole night, such as Groove Martini and DJ Jewel Pearson that are widely-known worldwide. The party start at about 9 pm and goes on for the whole night with the tickets ranging from $195 per single individual. Truly, such an opportunity is unparalleled and will fit all the fans of the rock music and fun!

The High Roller New Year Party

Among the Las Vegas events December 2018, this one distinguishes itself with the simple fact that it provides visitors with a chance to see the Midnight’s Firework from the top of the Ferris wheel. No one would have ever imagined that it’s possible to drink your favorite champagne while watching the whole city bursting in colors! The only thing that may be unfortunate is the fact that one requires being at least 21 years old while entering the event and the prices start at $150 per single person. All the while, by paying such a high price, you confidently create a good New Year’s mood for oneself and the people accompanying you during such a wonderful celebration! Don’t miss and hesitate to have fun. It’s worth it!

Some of the quick tips:

It’s crucial to always have your identification with you as it’s truly hard to enter any type of event if you’re below the legal age (21). While Las Vegas always have something to offer for the minors, during the New Year, the rules are a little bit different. To this end, no one under the age of 21 is not allowed on the Strip after 6 pm without an accompanying adult, a rule that the city has established to prevent binge drinking and drug abuse among the youth.

The second important thing to remember is to book all of the tickets early as there is an abundance of people wanting to get them during the month of December. Among all of the Las Vegas events December 2018, there is almost no way of obtaining a place and a parking spot for oneself if not thinking about such a need beforehand. To this end, one also needs to understand that on December 31st, you will not enter a single bar, casino, or restaurant without having a permit for doing so since it’s a safety measure.

Most of all, it’s truly vital to dress appropriately as the nights in Las Vegas tend to get a little bit cold during the month of December. For all of the men, it’s not going to hurt to get yourself a tuxedo or an attire at some of the local shops to match the overall dress-code of the city. On the other hand, women should wear some type of the dress, although it’s crucial to have some type of the coat along with, so one didn‘t end freezing cold during the night. If following such basic rules, almost everyone will ensure the flawless night for oneself and the partner accompanying you.

Finally, it’s important to realize all of the preferences and establish a clear set of directions for the month of December. Almost every single parking and restaurant will probably be busy, which is why it’s necessary to think of such details beforehand. After all, everyone is desiring a good and pleasant experience while staying in Vegas and visiting Las Vegas December events! Enjoy your staying!