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Las Vegas Events July

You probably know already what to generally expect from the month of July, don’t you? Featuring an abundance of fourth of July events in las vegas, the month can offer a wonderful opportunity for you to see some of the world’s colorful fireworks, as well as fill out oneself with the atmosphere of patriotism that can be felt everywhere in the air. Aside from that, there are still ways of seeing the city’s nurture through the network of events in las vegas July 2018 has to offer, including the sports games, the World Series Poker competition, and the Strip and Nightclubs visitations.

4th of July Celebration

Probably the biggest nation-wide celebration of the year, 4th of July has lots to offer to every single citizen and visitor of the country. For instance, instead of attending 4th of July events Las Vegas, one can instead book a VIP place at the Stratosphere Hotel and enjoy a drink or two while watching the fireworks from “the top of the world”. For all those wanting to take the more traditional approach, there is going to be a parage going one where all the prominent members of the City Council are about to come. Simultaneously, it’s recommended to bring the kids to the celebration to show them off some good signs of patriotism and have them gather the candies that will be thrown from the various outside places. Among all the Las Vegas 4th of July events, there is also an option of staying inside in the hotel/restaurant and watching the Football game or simply seeing some movies focused on the theme of the United States.


For all those wanting to celebrate America’s Independence during the month of July, there is an option to enjoy the spirit of capitalism while attending various night and day clubs that the city of sins has to offer. Such an option is not as popular as any other Las Vegas events July 2018, although it still can offer some good time to those who decide to use it. For instance, it’s possible to order oneself a limousine and a bottle service, while simultaneously relaxing in the company of girls/guys that will surely accompany you on such a trip. Nevertheless, it’s also possible to get VIP entrance tickets to avoid the long waiting lines and limited drinks per person, although, obviously, it’s going to be more expensive than the standard options available.

The World Series of Poker

If you consider yourself a fan of cards and desire to make some bets on the poker enthusiasts, then the World Series of Poker is your best chance to not get bored while seeing all of the Las Vegas July 2018 events. All the while, it’s actually possible to register for the tournament itself, however, the prices for such a deed range starting from the thousand dollars. After all, you are about to face some of the most prominent and distinguished gambling players of the world, which requires some level of competence and financial ability. And don’t forget to bring your identification with you as it will be required on the entrance to limit the possibility of identity theft and keep the minors away from the event.

NBA Summer League

For about ten days of summer, the most focus among the Las Vegas events July 2018 will be aimed at the main basketball event of the year. Featuring a tournament, full of the proficient teams in the league, everyone can be sure to enjoy the show on such a massive level. Besides, seeing basketball with the family is an unparalleled way to both have fun and teach the children an importance of playing the sports. After all, you never know whether the next Michael Jordan is growing up in your house until you believe in it!

Strip Clubs

For all those wanting to experience some nasty things in the city of sins, it makes the most sense to choose the strip clubs over any other Las Vegas events in July 2018. This will ultimately result in your erotic nature being satisfied, as well as you aesthetics pleased. Not to forget to mention the chance to see some of the hottest performers alive instead of surfing through the adult content.