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Las Vegas Events June

Wow! The first month of summer is surely kicking off during the month of June, especially in such a city, full of warm temperatures, as Las Vegas. Usually, this time of the year provides the best opportunity to experience some of the most prominent outdoor activities, including riding the roller coasters, visiting the local amusement parks, or simply relaxing at the pool party or in the nightclub. All the while, there are still ways of enjoying the traditional occurrences happening in Vegas, such as concerts and show of the famous pop and rap singers.

High Roller

Nothing else, except for the High Roller, can truly offer the more photogenic view of the city of sins. Featuring a pleasant ride with an open bar available to all of the guests, one can be confident that visiting the ride is among the most exceptional Las Vegas June events. Not only will you have a great time watching the city breeze but also receive an unparalleled way of seeing the city during the night, which can’t frankly be done at any other high-point place of the city.


Oh, don’t even attempt to think that all of the ziplines are not worth anything and are touristy. Quite the opposite, they are the great activities for all those traveling with the family or for couples wanting to experience a somewhat extreme form of entertainment. All the while, visiting the zip line allows for seeing not only some of the most prominent views of the city of sins but also some of the surrounding deserts, which may be appealing to all those not wanting to leave Las Vegas during the time of vacation.


Comparing to all the other events in Las Vegas June 2018, clubs surely have a comparative advantage with their working hours. Operating after the sunset as well throughout the whole night, they offer every single visitor a chance to continue exploring the city’s culture, regardless of the time of the day. Simultaneously, the nightclubs are there so you can easily get laid or enjoy all the other benefits and nasty things that the city of “sins” has to offer. Although, it’s better to always have some form of identification with you so not troubles are caused in the long-term perspective. And don’t forget about having a drink or two while at the club!

Pool Parties

Even though there is a multitude of ways to swim in the nearby waters of Las Vegas, it’s still better to get yourself into a relaxing pool, full of girls, guys, drinks, and fun. Among the Las Vegas events, June 2018 has to offer, the majority of the pool parties sound pretty promising as the cool DJ’s with the customized music playing options are invited and everyone is given a chance to pick a song. As a side note, one of the best places where the pool parties are constantly happening is the Encore Beach Club, although there are some fees one needs to pay before being able to enter the party. Not to forget to mention the fact that no one is allowed to enter under the age of 21 as required by the city of Las Vegas.


Truly, the month of June is the best time to visit some of the local concerts, including the ones performed by the Kesha and Macklemore, as well as Celine Dion or Jennifer Lopez. All of those shows the focus will feature some incredible dancing and staging efforts, as well as the opportunity for everyone to have fun while visiting every single one of them. Not to forget to mention the fact that the tickets are usually quite easy to get, comparing to the other times of the year in terms in terms of availability. Without doubts, no one can miss the chance to listen to some high-quality music while enjoying the vacation at the city of sins.

Cirque du Soleil

For all those wanting to enjoy miraculous performance while being with kids, the option of going to the circus seems fair. Among the events in Las Vegas June 2018, this one is the most family-friendly, although there is going to be an extensive amount of sensitive and offensive content. Nevertheless, the tricks and the overall impression of the show seems fascinating.