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Las Vegas events March

As the temperature gets warmer and the sun continues to shine, the month of March kicks off the spring season with an abundance of things to offer to all those wondering about the upcoming Las Vegas events in March. To this end, it’s important to check out all of the options to remain free of distraction while visiting the actual city and saving off a couple, or even a dozen, of bucks if reserving all of the events’ tickets beforehand. Besides, who doesn‘t want to get some of the world’s best entertainment while staying in LasVegas?

St. Patrick’s Day

Among the city’s favorite celebrations lies the Saint Patrick’s Day, which in its entity originates from Ireland, as well as the majority of the native citizens of Las Vegas. Usually, during such an event, it makes a perfect sense to check out all of the city’s prominent bars, as well as drinking some of the home-made beer with the green flavor in it in the remembrance of the holiday. Although, every single visitor should remember that it’s going to get extremely busy on the streets and the Irish-styled bard. Not to forget to mention that it’s going to be almost impossible to find a place in the hotel for oneself.

NASCAR Weekend 2019

As the dusty weather sets itself up in the prairies of Nevada, there comes a time for bringing all of the fans of monster truck racing from all over the globe to the city of sins. Featuring some crazy-minded folks running their machines all around the place as well as the massive-scale celebration, one can be sure that such an event is designed to fascinate every single visitor. Most of the action should take in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, although there are going to be some interesting races going on outside of the arena. Among the Las Vegas March 2019 events, this one seems to be the most prominent for the natives of the city as it offers a unique atmosphere of anger and fear in the air, which is not something that common to find in the city.

March Madness 2019

As some of the most popular sports shows kicks off during the same weekend as the Saint Patrick’s day, one can expect to make some good bets, thus making a profit if picking the right winner. Featuring tons of alcohol and strip clubs, anyone can find some interesting to do during the March Madness. Although, it’s recommended to be careful in terms of substances to not get spun around by the city’s police if having no identification to prove one’s identity. All the while, you should surely expect the city to be fully packed, especially the prominent hotels and restaurants. To this end, it’s more than crucial to reserve all of the places beforehand, thus planning the entire weekend fully.

Golden Knights

March seems to be the season of the major hockey games, which may seem interesting to all those looking for the somewhat family-friendly events in Las Vegas March 2019. Featuring the city’s favorite team, Golden Knights, one can expect every single hockey game to be top-notch as they will attempt to enter the annual finals of the National Hockey League. Besides, the hockey game is among the best places to come with the teenager-aged children as the show will surely show off a good example of character and entertainment in terms of the sports, which a lot of the parents will find appealing.

Pool Parties and Nightclubs

As the weather is going to be somewhat humid and dry in Las Vegas, there comes an opportunity to get some fresh drink and fulfill yourself with some crazy-minded pool party that can be found at the different places of the city. Such a relaxation doesn‘t come too pricey for the majority of the tourists, although it seems to be reasonable to buy all of the drinks at the cheaper places. Besides, one surely needs to be of the legal age of consent, as well as for drinking to truly enjoy all of the options that the famous pool parties have to offer. On the opposite, it’s possible to have some in the more traditional way by visiting the city’s nightclubs and having some fun in there.

Local Counterculture

For all those feeling tired of the mainstream celebrations, there is an option of checking what the counterculture has to offer. With such a purpose in mind, it’s most reasonable to visit the art district of the city of “sins” where one can surely find some unique musicians as well as the pieces of art, including graffiti, paintings, and etc. It’s also possible to get some exceptional booze and THC while surfing through the district, which may seem appealing to some.

Concluding Thoughts:

March is going to appear as one of the busiest months of spring for visiting the city of “sins”. The reasons for so are somewhat apparent as there will be an abundance of celebrations, however, they don’t constitute a need for re-scheduling the vacation. On the opposite, it’s most convenient to see as many las vegas events March 2019 as possible to stay satisfied and relaxed after the long day of exploring. Enjoy your trip to LasVegas and remember to plan everything beforehand!