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Las Vegas Events October 2018

Oh, October, probably the best vacation time in Las Vegas through the whole fall, considering all of the obvious justifications for so. As a matter of the fact, all of the Las Vegas October events contain an element of scare and horror as the theme of Halloween is widespread among the audience. To this end, it makes a perfect sense to do an extensive research on all the shows and events that the city of “sins” has to offer during such an unparalleled time of the year. Besides, it’s not going to hurt to buy yourself an exceptional costume to contribute to the full and vivid participation in all these events!

Fetish and Fantasy Ball

As the country’s lascivious capital is celebrating the Halloween, it’s apparent that there would be an opportunity to do something nasty. By definition, everyone can probably understand what the Fetish and Fantasy Ball event is all going to be about, although there may be a need to specify. Among all the events in Las Vegas October 2018, this one offers hot performances, strip dancing, as well as the casino games and a spa with the additional “services”. Truly, one can’t miss such an opportunity, although there is a need to understand the intended audience and abide by all of the age requirements set by the creators of the event.

Fright Fest at Fremont Street Experience

Between the dates of October 5 and 31st, every single visitor has the chance to undergo the combination of the exceptional beer and the frightening monster party, full of entertainment and dining options for all those curious. This occurrence is a part of the Halloween network of Las Vegas October 2018 events, to which end it offers some good deals in terms of the tickets prices. Although, there is one attendance requirement that one needs to keep in mind: the entrance is possible only with the scary costume on! So you better not hesitate and get yourself one as soon as possible to not end thrown out of the even without a handful of beer in the mouth!

Downtown Pub Crawl

For all those wanting to get yourself a rest while drinking some delicious beer, the Downtown Pub Crawl should seem like the best option intended for such a purpose. Everyone at the entrance gets an attire and takes part in the everlasting bar crawl that keeps running for the whole night and up until the next day. Truly, such a chance is unique among the Las Vegas events October 2018 and one can’t ignore a chance to participate in this amazing thing. Although, keep in mind that every visitor should show an identification document before going inside the pub so that all the age requirements are satisfied as requested by the local Las Vegas authorities.


If you feel slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of the offensive and erotic content happening in all other Las Vegas events October 2018, you can be confident that HallOVeen provides visitors with a different experience! Featuring mini coaster, the magic carousel, and other things at this family-friendly “forest”, everyone will undoubtedly leave the event with a happy or scary smile on the face, dependent on the essence of the visitor. The event is going to keep running throughout the whole month of October and covering the Halloween night on October 31st.

Fear The Walking Dead Survival

Among the Las Vegas October 2018 events, this one outstands itself with the way it scares the hell out of people. The event offers an adventure and thrill-seeking experience for all those not afraid to piss their pants off after attending such a thing. Besides, one can be confident that the actors are the scariest creatures that you can ever see, featuring various designer-made costumes and inventory that fascinates the clients. Not to forget to mention the fact that it’s among the highest-rated Las Vegas events October as the people seem to enjoy the atmosphere of scariness during the month of October. Frankly, all of the fans of the Halloween celebration would undoubtedly enjoy Fear The Walking Dead Survival.

El Cortez Sin City Halloween

The last part of the network of events in Las Vegas October 2018 offers a chance to see the entire museum of pop relique that can’t be found anywhere else except in the city of “sins”. And it has the variety of widely-known cinema cars at the Final Ride Hearse Car Show. It’s better to reserve the tickets beforehand to receive a chance for the ultimate discount

Final thoughts:

As the Halloween approaches, it’s important to check all of the events in Las Vegas October 2018 as they have a lot to offer for the various audiences of people, regardless of the age and other different factors. There is an opportunity to get some of the sensitive and erotic experience, as well as the chance to relax while drinking a cup of beer at the local bar. Even the kids would surely enjoy the majority of the events as there are lots of costume competitions and candies available for them. Although, it’s better not to be lost in the city of “sins” during October and remember all of the events listed above.