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Ever wondered if Lionel Richie stops getting more and more hot with each consecutive year while on the stage? Well, get ready to compulsively dance and shake as Lionel yet again brings his Latino nurture to the vibes of the “Sin City”. During the 80’s Lionel Richie has been able to successfully position himself as a heart-thief, stealing a number of teenage souls with his perfectly composed music that keeps everyone full of emotions. Without doubts, just like the fine wine, Lionel Richie only gets better with age as well as his soul-driven music that touches the hearts of the most dubious critics, factually speaking. Being a prominent singer, Richie has all the necessary qualifications to name himself as one of the highest-selling musicians of all times as some of the visitors don’t hesitate to claim.

What’s worth noting is the fact that Lionel Richie is also a pretty worthwhile representation of all the wishes of women who are coming to the performance on the constant basis. It simply seems that he already knows what can anyone desire, which is why no one hesitates to come for the performances and spend a couple of extra bucks to go back-stage and meet Lionel Richie in person. It’s worth noting that it’s possible to obtain a considerable discount on the tickets if contacting the official representatives of the show. Such a feature is solely possible because of the non-profit essence of the performance, something that the city of Las Vegas has long waited to see happening. Simultaneously, it’s a pretty good idea to attend the performance with the children as some of the critics claim: “lots of non-stop excitement and even candies for the kiddos”.

As for the tickets, they range up from seventy-nine dollars if picking the least expensive seatings at the concert. If on the opposite, desiring to be closer to the stage, then the price undoubtedly goes up, although it’s still possible to obtain a discount if following the guideline on the official website. In the long-term perspective, it’s the easiest way of securing oneself a flawless experience while visiting the concert of Lionel Richie, a guy who knows how to rock your world!

Duration: 90
Zappos Theater
Discount: No
Price: $92
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