Ilusión Mental – El Show En Español Tickets
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Ilusión Mental – El Show En Español Tickets

Santiago Michаel – a Spanish illusionist who decided that his shows will be kept in Spanish. Most people think that he did so because he does not know other languages, but in many interviews, he speaks English too. Michаel repeatedly said that his main goal was to promote the culture and language of his country.

His shows take place around the world. Starting with performances in Japan and China, Germany and France and ending with the USA and Canada. Michаel also said that he plans to spend the first part of the autumn in Vegas. His schedule features almost every day, so you definitely have to visit this show.

The main difference between Michаel and other magicians is his show. He always has an assistant who helps to focus, the important condition for each performance is that for the illusion the viewer needs the audience so that the skeptics do not say that Michael is a crook. Also, great attention is paid to the vote after each show, because the masters should know what people liked more and less.

And of course, it’s a complete show, a pre-announcement, a postcard, absolutely everything in Spanish, which gives the features of this event. The show begins with the fact that you meet sombrero musicians performing folk songs of Spain. After some time, as each of those present took his place, an attractive young girl dancing striptease in fairly open clothes leaves on stage. After that, Michael himself appears. After evaluating the audience, the illusionist is congratulated and the performance begins directly.

First of all, Michel looks extremely neat and beautiful. The classic black suit, black butterfly, black shoes and a white classic shirt. The organization of the show, as always on a high level, Michаel‘s team always strives to show the best training at all levels. Starting with the purity of the hall, ending with the illusionist himself. Light-emitters, who always have to watch the scene and keep the room in a certain mystical atmosphere, is an extremely hard work that is perfectly done.

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