The Magic of Jen Kramer Tickets Online
Duration: 75 min
Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino
Discount: $15
Price: from $20
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The Magic of Jen Kramer Tickets Online

Westgate Cabaret, at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, invites all Las Vegas visitors to enjoy a grandiose performance with lots of laughter, surprises and unlimited charm provided by an award-winning illusionist Jen Kramer.

As a true magic lover, you must know, that the world of magic is based on the following illusions:

  • Card tricks
  • Mindreading
  • Disappearing/reappearing
  • Audience predictions
  • Saw-a-lady-in-half

What if all this is combined into one single performance and presented to the highest level?! Most probably, you wouldn‘t like to miss it. The Magic of Jen Kramer is particularly that kind of a show which makes a deep impression on the entire audience, makes it enjoy the event to the full and long wish to come and see it again. Among such an abundance of magic shows with male entertainers, a show led by a woman-illusionist feels like a fresh breath! Jen Kramer is that particular woman who deserves to be on one of the greatest stages of Las Vegas.

This stunning woman quickly rose from the magical boys club and got her unique place among Vegas performers. Most probably you know her from such TV shows as Penn and Teller: Fool Us or Masters of Illusion. Now, this Female Magician of the Year as she was proclaimed by the International Magicians Society in 2016 and Merlin Award owner, Ms. Kramer organizes wonderful events full of magic, tricks and boundless humor in Vegas. Buy a ticket to this wonderful seventy-minute-long show, take your seat at the intimate Westgate Cabaret and let Jen take you to a virtual tour into the world of magic. Be certain, you will be amazed at Jen‘s prestidigitation, skills, and unique magnetism! The audience simply falls for this young performer, admires her ability to deliver a huge collection of tried-and-true favorite tricks with a next-gen spin. However, expect some new and unprecedented tricks, as well.

Jen‘s magic evenings are closed with the opportunity to take a photo with this amazing young woman.

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